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  1. Despicable Weather

    Tropical storm Bud

    At 9:14 a.m. EDT (1314 UTC) on June 11, NOAA's GOES-West satellite captured an infrared image of Bud. The image showed a well-formed storm with powerful thunderstorms tightly circling the center. However, the image also showed the eye was obscured by high clouds. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2018/bud-eastern-pacific That's the NASA report from earlier so is an interesting answer for Buds eye looking a bit strange. I don't remember seeing that visual or hearing of higher cloud obscuring before so that's a new one for me, good to know though.
  2. Looks like it, only got very light but steady rain here at mo
  3. Despicable Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 26/03/2018 onwards

    Fingers crossed it will get more lively...but...
  4. Bliztortung is picking up a few strikes with that messy mass heading NW currently
  5. Despicable Weather

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    Apologies I got fissure number wrong! It looks from this diagram to be 18 or 20, maybe both when cam pans round Credit to Tracy Gossett for putting together the map The rooster that can be heard crowing frequently is called Rusty
  6. Despicable Weather

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    Scary yet beautiful! This is a live stream that I was directed to earlier today from a guy who lives a short way away from Fissure 16 which is spewing lava fountains right now and has been since I first viewed it a few hours ago.
  7. Nipped outside for a few mins and wind has picked up a fair bit and what little there is has been drifting
  8. Will be interesting to see what happens cos that rush up from France looks to have got pretty stuck in the Channel and even decaying, although some looks to have edged in a little towards the SW coast when watching radar It's been flurries all night here dropping down to light flutters but no further depth, we're still on a BIG oooo 2mm, if that!
  9. Despicable Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 01/01/2018 onwards

    -5.9°C and still dropping!
  10. Despicable Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 01/01/2018 onwards

    Wind event is overnight in the early hours of Thursday morning, so strap the bins down Info on the strength and track of the storm is still updating and will be until Wednesday itself, I'm not sure but think that 22mph by the BBC is their progged average wind speed so doesn't include gust speeds! Right now it looks to be a windy night but nothing we're not used to when it's stormy although gusts could make it sound a bit crazy noisy at times. Don't pay too much attention to the dramatic posts in the mad Mod thread about the wind, you are better off following what is said in here for realistic info and there is a dedicated thread for these winds over in the Storm Discussion section.
  11. Despicable Weather

    SE and East Anglia generalweather discussion 08/11/2017 onwards

    Sun is up and just a few wisps of clouds around, the temp has just taken a dip down to -3.2°C that's the lowest for this month....so far! If we can't have snow then clear crisp sunny days will do me
  12. Despicable Weather

    Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    This one Ice? As you say, looks good and pixels showing up nicely in UK with that smattering all down the west
  13. Despicable Weather

    SE and East Anglia generalweather discussion 08/11/2017 onwards

    Bah! Well that fizzled out completely between Northampton/MiltonK. and is as far west as Worcester now Maybe a few in top of our area got a sprinkle?
  14. Despicable Weather

    SE and East Anglia generalweather discussion 08/11/2017 onwards

    Hi Moogy Often when temperature 'blips' are seen it corresponds to a change in the Barometric Pressure, such readings should be widely available on the weather stations you are looking at. Example : Here right now the Barometer 1007.4 hPa & Steady and Temperature 0.1°C If rain was on it's way then it would say 'Falling Rapidly' or 'Falling Slowly' and the hPa reading would be decreasing whilst the temperature would very likely be rising as the moist air moves into the cold dryer air. These are general guidelines for this time of year and are a little different during warmer weather/Summer but for the moment stick with looking for drop in Barometric Pressure when you see rise in temperature and hopefully you will begin to see the connection. There are likely other reasons which could effect what you have seen and those with better understanding will hopefully offer their guidance but that general rule of thumb has helped me understand what's going on before and after such temperature changes in a short space of time.
  15. Despicable Weather

    Hurricane Ophelia