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  1. That 'looks' like it is a Puffball mushroom Alice. In my school days they were very common on the school fields and probably the last time I saw one. There are edible varieties and some poisonous look alikes, so as always never guess that any mushroom or fungi is ok to eat unless you forage regularly and know for sure what you have found
  2. Thank you for the thread <--- a number of chasers streaming on there right now and looks like Brandon Copic is in the best place so far, moving through Pernell, OK.
  3. Oddly enough I was only scanning possible apps for this very reason just a few hours ago. So far I've concluded that the usual options for PC are not the same options for android I did have Malwarebytes on app for a few weeks because it is the best on PC, BUT on android it's nothing but a hog and gets in the way. CCleaner app for a PC fix is also cool but reviews on android make me veer off and keep looking. So at the moment I'm still actively seeking also, I'll pop my head back in when I find a good one and let you know
  4. Very nice Shame about the black nose and mega eyeballs though. Direction needed next time *chuckles*
  5. In total agreement with you there on that *nods* I figure due to constant sweeping low pressure systems off Greenland hitting the warmer EuroSlug air from mainland is maybe what caused that. I was very surprised at the thundery element so early in January during 2014 and even noted some similar thundery days during Jan 2015. Both summers were a shocking let down with almost nothing but grey crud racing by on a southerly stream after massive storms in northern France. Oh I have all fingers and toes crossed for a better and delivering season in 2017 but I won't hold my breath
  6. Darkness begins to fade into deep navy blue skies just after 6am right now which is still all cool. Lighter evenings I have no problem with but the impending doom of full blazing sunshine at 4am makes me want to stick needles in my eyes, it's the same thing really
  7. Fair comment but there are more important factors at play than sun strength imho Just a few days ago I refreshed my weather station page a handful of times because I thought the readings were having a wonky moment but they weren't, Temp was 7.4c and DEWPOINT was -0.7c with a humidity of only 46% ! They are the defining factors (along with WetBulbTemps @ Altitude) when it comes to falling,sticking and laying snowfall in my opinion even with low + 850's, within 12hrs or so humidity and thus dewpoints had risen to what we see as normal of 90% humidity and dewpoint just under actual temp. Maritime air sucks in Winter and Summer! Always results in despicable weather instead of what we crave
  8. Blustery outside tonight which feels great when standing in it and sounds good through windows left ajar
  9. I also just took some time to stand in the blustery winds outside and I must say it did feel refreshing after months of stagnant like weather. As such I am looking forward to the next few days and the incoming weather. Besides my excitement though, I do hope that everyone stays alert and safe because the strength of the winds are looking quite significant from as early as rush hour traffic on Thursday morning.
  10. What a beautiful winters day for the weekend! As with the theme this past week, clear blue skies all day following a hard frost this morning & recording an overnight low of -7.6°C in these parts.Squeezed a huge max temp of 3.2°C after lunch and it's now dropping like a stone out there again, right now it's -4.4°C which is the coldest it has been so early in the evening all week Brilliant weather conditions right now
  11. Hope so Cap'n cos right now my outdoor temp is a tropical 6.7°C at half 5 in the morning and has me all goat like before I hit the shower and work
  12. I also took one of the crescent Moon and Venus, I didn't spot Mars at the time though so just the duo here
  13. wow real foggy here, can't see the trees out of my window which are only just across the road more coffee maybe
  14. Sunday, October 30, 2:00 AM is when we fiddle with the clocks again, so a few more days to lap up evening light.