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  1. Yeah I thought that was the case and it's unfortunate but no harm in asking. Many thanks for the confirmation.
  2. How can I UNDO the 'Mark forum as read' speech bubble icon on the left hand side, please? Accidentally hit that icon ages ago on the Regional Discussions and now have done the same thing on the 'Weather Discussion - Winter' heading, now all threads in that section have no speech bubble icon to tap on to be taken to the first unread post ? Tried to click the same place again and nothing happens let alone the return of the extremely handy speech bubble icons!
  3. High pressure delivered some lovely views around the region this morning after frosty foggy night, good to see the pics and thanks for sharing ? Last night dipped down to -4.9°C at 1:21 Think it was the foggy moments that caused the varying temp until 8am when graph shows a rapid increase, however that meant it reached the dizzy height of 3.7°C at 15:07 ? Currently we are dropping sub-zero again and are back to Temperature -0.5°C Humidity 96% Dewpoint -1.1°C Wind NNE Barometer 1014.4 hPa & Steady Not looking forward to the ret
  4. Temperature -0.2°C Humidity 93% Dewpoint -1.2°C Wind NNE Just gone sub-zero in the frost hollows around the Chilterns, should be a cold one and may even be freezing Fog overnight if the Metro warning turns out to be correct ?
  5. Overnight Low Temp of -2.5°C @ 5am Gave a glittery ground, grass, cars and rooftops to greet the morning sunshine. Current temp is 5.3°C but with overcast skies so can't see a repeat happening by morning, unfortunately!
  6. It's a brilliant sound especially tucked up indoors! Quite racy and the division shows nicely on here https://www.xcweather.co.uk
  7. MISTY morning 3.4°C at 07:24 1021.9 hPa & Steady Hopefully someone else sees it and can grab a photo, I overslept and must dash to the shower!
  8. One day later and the map for 19th October is showing some difference, looks like the Alps snow cover has reduced albeit not by a huge amount by the 19th. A few days of images and heavy rainfall could show a different picture entirely! We shall see.
  9. Crikey the above link for SevereWeatherEU is showing heavy rainfall indeed. The following graphic shows the snow cover in the Alps for 18th Oct. (current) and I just viewed that and thought the Alps were looking much healthier, then I saw your post @J10 So it will certainly be interesting to see the graphic over the coming days and how it may change now that we are nearing the end of the predicted rainfall for 19 -21 October.
  10. An a third more crackling sound to the rumble here, does sound further away though
  11. Ooh and another loud bangy rumble right now, sounds great even if just a Sound Show
  12. Yeah looked at blitortung first as didn't see any lightning, so looks like just thunder in these parts
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