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  1. Oh how I do love this time of the year, just knowing that in a few short weeks night time will return. My abode can begin it's nightly lockdown chill time at a sensible hour of 8pm and not be disrupted until well after 3am It's all very well claiming that those who enjoy the dark hours are depressing but oddly enough I would be the one happy and laughing in your face while you sulk all miserable being depressing, funny that eh
  2. I think this screen grab says it all and time to get horizontal before any more rogue heat puts the kibosh on that pleasure too, g'night.
  3. Interesting data Mapantz, not seen that before! Is it an app or is there a website to view that?
  4. Pass me some of that would ya, need something to make me zonk out in this heat! Seriously though, welcome to the forum and the madness of sitting up watching radars overnight. Blitzortung is showing those recent sferics approaching the Hull area with a nice little radar return, sadly it does look like that cell is off to join his mates in the North Sea *scowls*
  5. Just had first rumble! Could be time to go hang out the south facing window
  6. I don't suffer enough to bother with antihistamines but this dry weather has had me on the brink. Looking at radar we have rain incoming for the next hour or so which will make things seems more normal for tomorrow, hopefully!
  7. Just some moderate/light rain here for last 40mins or so, no sparks, no booms but hey maybe the pollen will back off for a short while so I can stop sneezing and streaming from my head
  8. Nice link, thanks for that Looks like nice timing with sounds of splishy splashes and rumbles too cos there is zilch here!
  9. That 'looks' like it is a Puffball mushroom Alice. In my school days they were very common on the school fields and probably the last time I saw one. There are edible varieties and some poisonous look alikes, so as always never guess that any mushroom or fungi is ok to eat unless you forage regularly and know for sure what you have found
  10. Thank you for the thread <--- a number of chasers streaming on there right now and looks like Brandon Copic is in the best place so far, moving through Pernell, OK.
  11. Oddly enough I was only scanning possible apps for this very reason just a few hours ago. So far I've concluded that the usual options for PC are not the same options for android I did have Malwarebytes on app for a few weeks because it is the best on PC, BUT on android it's nothing but a hog and gets in the way. CCleaner app for a PC fix is also cool but reviews on android make me veer off and keep looking. So at the moment I'm still actively seeking also, I'll pop my head back in when I find a good one and let you know
  12. Very nice Shame about the black nose and mega eyeballs though. Direction needed next time *chuckles*
  13. In total agreement with you there on that *nods* I figure due to constant sweeping low pressure systems off Greenland hitting the warmer EuroSlug air from mainland is maybe what caused that. I was very surprised at the thundery element so early in January during 2014 and even noted some similar thundery days during Jan 2015. Both summers were a shocking let down with almost nothing but grey crud racing by on a southerly stream after massive storms in northern France. Oh I have all fingers and toes crossed for a better and delivering season in 2017 but I won't hold my breath
  14. Darkness begins to fade into deep navy blue skies just after 6am right now which is still all cool. Lighter evenings I have no problem with but the impending doom of full blazing sunshine at 4am makes me want to stick needles in my eyes, it's the same thing really
  15. Fair comment but there are more important factors at play than sun strength imho Just a few days ago I refreshed my weather station page a handful of times because I thought the readings were having a wonky moment but they weren't, Temp was 7.4c and DEWPOINT was -0.7c with a humidity of only 46% ! They are the defining factors (along with WetBulbTemps @ Altitude) when it comes to falling,sticking and laying snowfall in my opinion even with low + 850's, within 12hrs or so humidity and thus dewpoints had risen to what we see as normal of 90% humidity and dewpoint just under actual temp. Maritime air sucks in Winter and Summer! Always results in despicable weather instead of what we crave