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  1. A SMALL CRACK IN EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD: Last night, a small crack opened in Earth's magnetic field. Solar wind poured in to fuel a quiet display of auroras over Canada. Catalin Tapardel sends this picture from Worsley, Alberta:
  2. The waters are getting colder in the North Pacific ocean and there is a predicted split in the polar vortex which will impact us at a later date. It would be nice to see the polar vortex obliterated. I might mean that we could be getting snow either in late February or early March depending on other factors.
  3. My late Dad told me the best place in the South East of England to snow was Kent. I do not know if that is true anymore.
  4. It is a bland non weather event today. Dull and overcast with light stratus clouds. The temperature is 8.3 Celsius and the humidity is at 72%. The barometric pressure is falling and is at 1017.0.
  5. Hello Tom, Thank you, I will choose the 31st January as the date of the arrival of snow.
  6. No, I moved to South Ockendon when I was 40. My primary education from the age of 4 and 1/2 to 6 and 1/2 was in Ashington in Northumberland and the rest of was in Plaistow in East London and Much Hadam boarding school. The weather is dreadfully dull today in South Ockendon, no sign of the sun for the past two days but constant grey skies with sporadic drizzle. Gavin Partridge's last video has inspired me to write a poem: The distressed pest from the west, which won't let us rest, especially those who wear a string vest at the Burns night fest. It will put the garden birds to the test when they're building their nests due to the arrival of our very mild and wild weather guests. It seems that we are underneath a permanent grey cloud with the constant pouring rain which soaks the whole of Stroud. The jet stream happily whips up the Atlantic ocean which brings the British Isles a mild and wild weather explosion.
  7. Hello My altitude for Daiglen Drive South Ockendon is 22 metres. (72 ft) I think the snow will arrive either on 30 January or the 31st January.
  8. A report from Dr. Tony Phillips, webmaster of Spaceweather.com: "I am in Abisko, Sweden, with a team of students preparing to launch a pair of cosmic ray balloons into the polar stratosphere. On Tuesday night, Jan. 21st, we were eating dinner at the STF Abisko Turiststation when some of the other guests jumped up and hurried to the window, pointing outside. A bright green aurora was visible over the lights of the warm dining room."
  9. The meteorologists who became pop singers reached stratospheric heights with their chart topping weather themed songs.
  10. Solar Terrestrial Data 21st January 2020 08:29 Solar Flux Index: 72 Sunspot Number: 0
  11. Spaceweather has finally updated: Sunspot number: 0 Spotless Days Current Stretch: 8 days 2020 total: 11 days (58%) The Radio Sun 10.7 cm flux: 71 sfu
  12. Good Tom and everyone, It was a frostier morning with the back lawn frost saying until well after 11 am along with frost on the roofs. Yes, I agree that the Care staff who are paid miserly for their dedicated and caring work. The frosts of the 60's would give me rosy cheeks but not any-more. It is good to hear that wear finally going out of a Westerly QBO and into an Easterly QBO. I wish the dreaded Azores high would disappear and that the Atlantic ocean would calm down and the jet stream travel further South as South as it can get as well as SSW that will obliterate the polar vortex winds. I wonder mind going back to the seasonable weather that we had in the 60's even if it meant to have cooler summer. Thank you Tom for your kind compliments and I hope that you will have a lovely Sunday.
  13. Solar Terrestrial Data 19th January 2020 10:31 Solar Flux Index: 72 Sunspot Number: 0
  14. There have been some decrease of snow for Russia and slight increases in sea ice cover:
  15. It is a pity snow cannot be shared more equally, I would not mind half of what they get or even more as I live in an noisy area with heavy traffic, 24 hours a week as it dampness background noise.
  16. Good Morning Tom, it is lovely to see you. It is a cool Saturday morning and it was 3 Celsius at 7:30 am. There was a light frost on the lawns of the back and front garden, as well as the roofs, and tops of vehicles. Then the sun came and the frost on the quickly disappeared when the sun's rays reached the lawn. It will be colder tonight. I hope that this won't be the last of the cold weather and that we see more later on. I love the cold fresh feeling of frost as I feel more energised. Sadly it is not as beautiful as the frosts that we had in the late 60's in Ashington in NE Northumberland. When it was cold and snowy in the 60's my cheeks would go very rosy but even in the past winters that never happened to me. I think it was part due to the fact that Ashington was three miles away from the sea. Yes, the winters in the 60's were very memorable and I have a lot of happy memories. Except I do not remember the winter of 1962 and 1963 as I was in production (as my mother was pregnant with me in Edinburgh, Scotland) she was worried that snow would not have gone by the time I was born at the end of July in 1963. It is very sad when shops close down, especially Waitrose as it is a very good quality of supermarket. Living in Ashington, it was the co-operative stores for us, along with the co-op butchers who even delivered groceries to my grandparents as well as the large co-op arcade department store with the many shops inside. Sadly there is only one co-op grocery store left as the rest of them closed even the co-op arcade department store which had it's own ball room and bank. Winters were definitely colder in the 60's and even in the 70's in London during the snow-less winters but if there was no snow, there would be frost or hail. I wish the jet stream would park itself further South down to North Africa and the Azores high would disappear. I am having Cheese Rigatoni with asparagus for breakfast and it is quite delicious. I hope Collete will have a good day at work. Take care Tom and Collete and I hope you will both have an upside Saturday.
  17. SOLARHAM.com | Solar Cycle 25 | Space Weather Website WWW.SOLARHAM.NET Solar Terrestrial Data 18th January 2020 08:24 Solar Flux Index: 72 Sunspot Number: 0
  18. Earnest is very earnest about how much he earns and how many times he meets up with his friend Bernie to go and have a Bernie steak at the Bernie Inn. Ern the Little Tern would do a good turn for his friend Rose, the Roseate Gull by sharing his freshly caught fish with her.
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