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  1. Persistent rain and winds slowly picking up. Hopefully get a fairly wild night, seems a while since I had winds rattling round the chimney.
  2. Wonder how cold we'll get tonight. Got down to - 7 last night, and we're already at - 2. Hopefully we'll keep clear skies now all the way through till dawn (I'm done with the snow, what we had of it )
  3. Yeah I'd agree with that. Definitely more hopeful than last night. It's just frustrating looking at the radar and never see anything heading towards us. But I'm going to remain hopeful, we gotta get lucky eventually
  4. Haha, don't be silly, we're not that lucky . It'll either weaken before it gets here, or it'll head straight for Rotherham and Sheffield like all the rest
  5. Yeah and looking upstream, there's nothing with our name on it either. And even more frustrating is that those showers to our south never seem to lose much intensity. I can't work it out
  6. Another shower passing to our south. Barnsley can't just can't seem to get a direct hit
  7. Yeah showers seem to be developing inland. The one currently affecting Rotherham almost appeared out of nowhere. Still nothing in Barnsley though apart from the odd flurry
  8. A few showers heading towards Barnsley but again, they seem to be dying a death as they get here. Fingers crossed we get an ice day though
  9. Yeah I'm not hopeful either, the showers seem to be losing their intensity as they get close to us. Ah well, could be worse, could be pouring with rain and 12 degrees
  10. Yeah doesn't bode well for the rest of the night I don't think either. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong though
  11. The showers seem to be losing their intensity as move westwards now
  12. Very much so. There's nothing in that gap either all the way to the coast
  13. Ah cool. I'm in Dodworth. I guess you'll get any showers before I do haha. Fingers crossed we can get under a streamer before the day is out.
  14. Looks like I'm in that gap of nothingness . Snow to the north of me, snow to the south here I am stuck in the middle with nowt
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