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  1. If only it was that bit colder, this place would be in meltdown right now . Plenty of showers coming off the sea but just plain old rain for most.
  2. Lots of thunder and lightning in Redcar. Been rumbling away nicely for the last 90 mins or so. Not a great deal of rain though, the heavy bursts seem to last no longer than around 20 seconds.
  3. Not been a great deal on Teesside so far, everything seems to be going either side of us.
  4. Yeah, I've been watching that on the latest satellite images. Been getting closer and closer all morning .
  5. Some hefty storms nr the Helmsley area looking at the radar.
  6. Wow, the sun is out. The most blue sky I've seen in about a fortnight .
  7. Thanks for the explanation .
  8. But I would have thought that the lower pressure would have helped convection. Or am I misunderstanding? I'm a bit of a novice .
  9. So, what's the reason for the lack of showers? We've still got a bitterly cold howling easterly wind crossing a relatively warm sea. What's changed since Monday/Tuesday evening? I'm not complaining as we've done very well out of this early this week. Just want to understand what key factor has killed off the showers the last two days .
  10. Still not really moved, just keeps slightly changing shape and intensity.
  11. Not really moving anywhere unfortunately. Just seems to be stuck there.
  12. Me neither. And it almost appeared out of the blue. Possible error? I'll keep an eye on it anyway .
  13. Big blob appeared in the North Sea according to the radar. Not moving in any particular direction though. Almost appeared out of nowhere.
  14. Temperature on the rise here, nearly above freezing now. Still blowing a gale mind and feels bitter.