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  1. Interesting dusk rainbow this evening. Not sure I've seen one after the sun has set before. Taken in Beesands.
  2. Yup, that just about sums it up . What's made even worse, is that these showers then intensify when they pass over.
  3. I seem to be on the edge of every shower that passes, couldn't make it up lol.
  4. Yes, I'm under that gap too. Very frustrating watching most of it pass to the north or south of us. Also, why do the showers pep up once they hit land?
  5. Heavy snow in Saltburn. Big flakes so must be very wet. Giving everything a good covering though.
  6. Chucking it down in Redcar with some flakes amongst the heavier bursts. Blowing a gale and colder than a brass toilet seat in alaska . Lovely stuff!
  7. If only it was that bit colder, this place would be in meltdown right now . Plenty of showers coming off the sea but just plain old rain for most.
  8. Lots of thunder and lightning in Redcar. Been rumbling away nicely for the last 90 mins or so. Not a great deal of rain though, the heavy bursts seem to last no longer than around 20 seconds.
  9. Not been a great deal on Teesside so far, everything seems to be going either side of us.
  10. Yeah, I've been watching that on the latest satellite images. Been getting closer and closer all morning .
  11. Some hefty storms nr the Helmsley area looking at the radar.
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