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  1. Do we think that's it for South Yorkshire? There's nothing brewing to the south of us now at all.
  2. Heavy rain and a few rumbles of thunder in Barnsley. The heaviest stuff was to out east towards Doncaster.
  3. Gonna slip to east of Barnsley by the looks. The thunderstorm drought continues ?
  4. Yup, same here. I live in Barnsley and storms constantly seem to avoid here whilst the same places get them over and over again. Not that I'm bitter or anything ?.
  5. Still hoping to see some storm action in Barnsley later. Just worried this cloud is going scupper our chances, seems to be taking a lifetime to clear.
  6. Yeah, looks they're heading northwards too so I'm hoping they make it up to Barnsley later.
  7. Will it keep its intensity as it crosses the Pennines though? We shall see ?
  8. Yeah we're right on the edge in Barnsley. We've got a mixture of sunny skies with occasional drizzle. I'll take that ?
  9. Interesting dusk rainbow this evening. Not sure I've seen one after the sun has set before. Taken in Beesands.
  10. Yup, that just about sums it up ?. What's made even worse, is that these showers then intensify when they pass over.
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