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  1. Yes around the 28th has been showing this possibility for a couple of days now. I guess the unreachable dangled carrot had to come sooner or later.
  2. It was a great snowy period. Blackpool got around 40cm of snow back then. Pretty unusual to get 1cm there on the Fylde coast but to get this much was something else. My brother was living there at the time & he said he couldn't get his car out for 3 days.
  3. Yes mentioned this event the other day in the regional thread. Had plenty of trees fall on the lane here. Certainly one of, if not the worst storm I've experienced here. Had gusts to around 90mph on my anemometer. It was like a storm they experience in the western & northern isles of Scotland.
  4. -5.3C here this morning. Dense freezing fog out there at present. Finally at least a bit of a wintry feel to things.
  5. Well if we get a February like 2018 it would compensate for the poor Winter so far. Although earlier in that Winter we already had a couple of snow falls. One light covering was technically in Autumn at the very end of November though. But nothing compared to the end of February. And then another 2 decent snow falls around the 1st March & 17/18th. So can February deliver the goods? I'm not bothered if March is cold as well. The days are still a bit too short to sit out in the evening. The warmth can come in April.
  6. Not had a storm as bad since the January 2007 one. Had close to a dozen trees brought down on the lane here by that storm. My window panes were literally creaking with the strength of the wind. My anemometer recorded gusts close to 90 mph. BBC NEWS | UK | Nine dead as UK struck by storms NEWS.BBC.CO.UK
  7. If I'm not mistaken today is the 2nd one called Brendan. But to go this long without any more is a bit unusual.
  8. Had a covering of snow one morning at the end of April a few years back. Just shows how dire this Winter is so far round here. There's just nothing. Just thick black cloud all day. No frost, no snow, no sun, or even any gales yet. Most boring climate on planet Earth.
  9. Presidents of the US come & go but the same shadowy figures remain. Dictating global events to further the so called "global international rules based agenda". It's known that when a new President comes to power they quickly get a "visit" by people who say this is how things are going to be & this is how the US's foreign policy is going to be played out. And if you don't comply or agree then we can't guarantee your safety.
  10. For me Winter 2009/2010: Very snowy & cold with decent depths of snow during all 3 Winter months. Got down to -17.7C here in the January. Just a fantastic Winter. Easily the best since the mid 80s. November & December 2010 for me was more notable for the early cold & snow. But the following January & February was disappointing. February in particular was very mild. Overall that Winter got out the blocks quick but petered out after Boxing Day to virtual nothingness for the rest of the Winter. The cold however, for UK standards was extremely potent while it lasted. I quite enjoyed Summer 2018 - overall probably the best round here since 1995. It wasn't particularly humid & there was a lot of sunny days. Not seen the grass round here as yellow for as long since that 1995 Summer. The downside was the moorland fires & the smoke often drifted over leading to poor air quality here.
  11. A chance of snow for more northern parts of the region tonight / into the morning. And not exclusively on high ground either. @damianslaw you could get a covering again.
  12. What a fantastic snowfall that was. Crazy to think it's been 10 years. It was a snowfall without much wind unlike 2018's two beasts which blew the snow all over the shop leading to unreliable measuring but still very enjoyable. The January 2010 event was just an absolute tonking with a deep covering all over. One of those occasions where you needed snow boots or wellies or you'd get very wet cold feet.
  13. Probably because we've had a lot of Winters with high pressure nudging into southern/central Europe from the Atlantic & on the eastern flank of that high where Greece & Turkey are it drags in cold air from the north.
  14. That's me waiting while the missus is in shops.
  15. Yes it's definitely strange to associate cold, skiing & snow with Turkey - especially to people who holiday in Marmaris every year. You'd have a hard time convincing them haha.
  16. A lot of Turkey bar the Mediterranean coast is usually pretty decent for snow. Which surprises a lot of people as they think it's warm all year round throughout the country. But it has a lot of unusually varied terrain with areas around Erzerum & Kars that can be very snowy & bitterly cold. There's ski resorts around Erzerum. Chris Tarrant did a train journey from Istanbul all the way to the Armenian border & it showed how it got progressively colder the further he got into Turkey. Railway maintenance workers had to chip away at 3 feet thick ice inside train tunnels so the trains could get through the tunnels.
  17. Well guys it looks poor/very poor going forward for any cold with longevity. Apart from a short colder snap late this week/weekend the mean average going forward is above normal right up to mid January. There is scatter though so cannot completely discount a different outcome but not likely. I guess we can hope for a 2018 scenario with a cold snowy February & March which would suit me fine. I'll take snow whenever it arrives. Rain returns by the looks of the precipitation chart as well. We need a long dry spell as the ground is still sodden. Anyway I wish you all a happy new year. All the best. Alan.
  18. Overall it was a pretty wet Summer, at least around here. Of course last July there was that brief freak heat event but overall it wasn't a stunning Summer nationwide. Certainly nothing like 2018 which was very dry & hot throughout leading to the moorland fires. It was probably the best Summer since 1995 in this region (NW England).
  19. But even during an average Winter there was more falling & lying snow compared to the last 25-30 years. You only have to look at the Met Office's climate average maps to see this decrease. I'd expect the next figures to show an even further decrease.
  20. It will add to it as statistics show that snow & ice definitely puts criminals off. But I think it's more to do with a lack of morals these days, lack of police, soft "justice" system. To some criminals prison isn't punishment. No bills to worry about, access to TV, computer games & education system. Nothing much to fear.
  21. Indeed. Experience tells me these patterns can get locked in for weeks at a time. That's not being pessimistic but adding some realism. Strong heights to our south are notoriously difficult to shift. They never are to the north are they? We had a similar scenario in Xmas 2011 & it took until February to get any decent snow. Not that I'm writing the whole of January off this time round but it can be slow arduous process.
  22. I'd say it started from around that October 1987 storm. Having said that there was a lot of mild Winters in the 70s as well with not much snow. Before things took a turn for colder late in that decade with the brilliant blizzards. That mild blip earlier in the decade was probably nothing to do with a warming planet though. Just typical weather of a maritime climate. Never had a completely snowless Winter here. Worst was 2013/14 when we only got a very light covering one evening in the February. It was gone by the next morning. Didn't think I'd see another Winter as sh*t for a long while but so far this Winter is reminding me very much like that. Temperature wise too. Not very mild or all that cold either. Last Winter wasn't exactly great either.
  23. The Arab states already use solar power for some of their electronic needs. In terms of oil it will be many years before all the Arab states run out. The young people now will be old by the time it happens or even dead. And not only that the oil companies will move onto other oil sources after the Arab states run out. Until then there's no chance that young people can turn the tide. There was also supposed to be a "political earthquake" at the general election with young people voting Labour but instead the Conservative party won by a massive landslide majority.
  24. There's too much money to be gained from "dirty" energy. As long as the likes of Saudi Arabia has billions/trillions barrels of oil nothing will change. The energy bosses have a lot more power than extinction rebellion.
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