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  1. Well it's certainly not been a washout over the last couple of days in this part of the region. A bit of drizzly rain yesterday and last night but today has been pretty decent so far.
  2. Some rain likely overnight. Can't remember when it last rained properly.
  3. Certainly looking like a case of making the most of the next couple of days before we get thrown into weather not out of place in November.
  4. I don't live there no well spotted but clearly know more about what's said by knowledgeable people over there on forums like these. And people in here are buffoons? I think that's a bit unfair. There's a lot of people in here that spend time & effort into the forum and these people clearly know their stuff. Netweather wouldn't be netweather without them.
  5. After a sunny start north sea cloud managed to cross the Pennines this afternoon leaving a cloudy 2nd half of the day. Much cooler than yesterday as well.
  6. I've been on American weather forums in the past and it's garbage to say they don't talk about snow cover to their north because they do, they don't completely ignore it. Given the north is practically the main source of cold for the states as well. Whereas at the right time of year in the UK our coldest is from the east off the continent - sometimes as far as Siberia. Hence why it's talked about on here often and for good reason.
  7. Because Siberian weather can have more of an influence on European weather? Just like cold weather enthusiasts in Canada & the States talk more about the snow cover developing over Arctic Canada?
  8. You were pretty unlucky today. I looked at the satellite and Cumbria was the only place in England with cloud. It was a fantastic day here though. Pretty much wall to wall sunshine and pleasantly warm. Yes it was a brilliant day, got some outdoor jobs sorted before the Autumn properly kicks in.
  9. Looking nailed on now for a surge of very warm air early next week. Although Sunday respectable as well. Summer having one last go? Could be the last proper warmth until April at the earliest. So I'm going to the make the most of it.
  10. To me September isn't proper Autumn. There's a definite "lag effect" from the Summer. Yes the days are now shorter but usually it's still pleasant enough by day, sometimes even warm. A bit like March isn't proper Spring to me. There's a lag effect with that month too. Can often be cold and snowy. Winter still hanging on.
  11. For me 62/63 is the pinnacle. I remember my dad digging us out, getting the snow away from the front door so we could actually get out. Everything outside completely buried in snow, god knows what it was like in the Pennines! We got hit massively in Oldham in that Winter. But yes as others say November/December 2010 was decent too. As was the previous Winter. Thought we'd never see proper snow again but we did. I'm thinking the same now actually haha. Hopefully the next one will deliver the goods.
  12. It was a poor Summer overall here. Very cloudy, wet with only a handful of days with proper warmth/heat. The rest of it was pretty mediocre. Had one of the coolest July's for years as well.
  13. Not a bad day really for the last day of meteorological Summer. Cool start but in the sunny spells & light wind it felt pleasant enough by afternoon. At least that cold wind from the other day has gone.
  14. Got down to 2.4C here this morning. Certainly a bit unusual for August. Many a night last Winter were milder, although let's face it, it was atrocious for cold.
  15. A chilly one tonight for August. One of those nights with a good dash of booze to warm you up. Got a nice bottle of port ready to be opened soon.
  16. Can't see temps dropping that low here tomorrow night - looks like there could still be enough of a breeze to scupper things. Sunday night though might be more promising with no wind & if skies are clear. The air mass should still be cool enough to drop temps into the low single digits here giving at least a ground frost.
  17. Indeed. The sun strength similar to late April now. So it's still got some strength to it. Different story next month as we go past the Autumn equinox.
  18. Not a great outlook for any warmth. A cool and unsettled end to Summer looking odds on. ECM even showing a bit of Arctic air dropping south towards the end of the run. Watch September be the warmest on record.
  19. It's about the same temp in my bedroom too. Still a bit too warm for me though. I like it about 18C in there, under the duvet that temp is warm enough for me but I like it around 20-21C in the lounge.
  20. Looking like turning a bit more Autumnal over the next week or so. Some pretty frequent weather systems coming in from the Atlantic. The final nail in the coffin of Summer 2020. Which for the most part has been a poor one. Really noticing the light levels decreasing now too.
  21. I'd put this Summer as poor, not the worst I've experienced but certainly in the bottom 10. As Damian says a few days of hot weather doesn't make it a great one. I'm surprised we even managed those to be honest given how shocking the other parts of the season was. It's been an extremely cloudy Summer here for the most part as well. And July was especially cool along with it.
  22. We sometimes get north sea glag here, but other times it stays on the Yorkshire side. Today wasn't one of those times unfortunately.
  23. Pretty dull today. Just brief glimpses of sun. At least the house is cooling down now.
  24. More in the way of cloud today with the North Sea making it's presence known here in the east of the region. Nice cool breeze with it as well.
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