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  1. Cell by me seems to have died, but cell on south coast coming back to life. Meanwhile in France
  2. Plenty of activity in the channel. Let's see if they're still as lively when they make landfall- and where they head to.
  3. Be interesting to see if it springs into life again when it reaches land Meanwhile, enjoying the breezes that are keeping it bearable!
  4. Yes! I have friends camping in North Cornwall. Looks like a lively night
  5. Couple of hefty downpours with some rumbles of thunder. Decent insolation between showers too
  6. Flooding,I guess. I've had real problems trying to get out of London this evening due to blocked roads,etc
  7. That storm in south London is still going to my North. Lightning seems to be intensifying again. Crazy that we had no insolation at all
  8. Proof that you can get t and l despite clag- apart from a brief attempt at the sun trying to make an appearance, we've had a few flashes and deep booming thunder
  9. Rumble of thunder in South London with the sun trying to make an appearance
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