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  1. Interesting thread, albeit slight leaning toward unsubstantiated downbeat predictions (as many moans/ramps threads do lol), but some very interesting stats! Personally, I'll be hoping for either a warmer or much sunnier summer with some shorter, wetter interludes, that hopefully lasts through and past august this year. I was late to the vegetable sowing this year (recovery from major surgery) so I could do with the growing season extending a bit longer than the average to make up for later sowings/planting out. Allotment and garden have required a lot of watering past month already this
  2. Slight shift eastwards? Little difference otherwise. Will be up early tomorrow and intrigued to see if this does strengthen our or not. Regardless looks like a horrible commute for many! Also, Anyone looked at the predicted rainfall totals? Was just wondering if these are increasing alongside the models forecasting the higher winds? Had an awful lot of rain here over the last week or so!
  3. The above is from the MetO weather warning on my local forecast. It's the sentence (I've highlighted in bold) that caught my attention this evening. Something to keep an eye on as this develops further? Will affect rush hour traffic and morning commutes across south/west England and south/west Wales on current predictions.
  4. Further details: A weather system will move northeastwards across the UK on Thursday bringing widespread strong winds. Inland gusts of 50 mph are likely with gusts of 60-65 mph in exposed locations around Wales and western England. There remains a small chance that this system will intensify as it moves northeastwards bringing even stronger winds to southwest England, Wales and on into northern England and southeast Scotland. If this occurs, gusts of 70-80 mph could be seen, mainly in exposed locations, bringing increased likelihood of more significant disruption. In either case, winds will
  5. My BBC forecast looks actually better this afternoon so don't think it's gone too far (Salisbury), maybe they're just playing tentative with the graphics now?
  6. While I'm enjoying the favourable "corrections" so far in tonight's GFS for any southerners hoping to see some of the white stuff, and the rather decent looking ICON run; I'm still fairly apprehensive about the chances until I see this trend continue tomorrow. Just seems like there a lot of uncertainties regarding Friday and on into the weekend that I feel still need to be resolved by the models somewhat over the next 24/48h, certainly before I get behind any trend! (whether staying cold or getting milder)
  7. 6 days away still. Reading to much into the specifics of these charts surely? I think we see the trend for questions over the event toward the south, will it be rain or snow or something in between? ...Will the event occur as its currently forecast? Probably not imo, it is still too early to call at this stage. I will hold fire to see whether the models come to (or continue to come to) agreement in a day or twos time before taking gospel in those chart cherry-picking for Friday. I for one am very interested to see how this all develops! Models are, after all, subject to change - inter
  8. Okay I think I may just have to take that back.... Obviously was lulled into getting twitchy there!
  9. Seems to be a slight shift north and west of the coldest uppers from this run? (Thinking compared to previous model runs and that of the overall picture as well) Great run for bitter uppers across the land - snow fest too? That said, not much buffer to the south if that element comes into play too hard.... could be hinting at a slightly shorter spell of more intense cold maybe? - Being purposefully tentative in my wording you might notice
  10. Ahh the ole devils advocate approach I see. To hook, line and sinker me. You do raise some valid points I won't deny, and hadn't looked too closely at the NAVGEM, yes that +180 chart does look tasty! The concern with the UKMO run is surely its southwards correction/and delays in the cold and extent of reaching our shores? It was still a decent run for the longer stint and those in the south/east intially. And I still think you are undervaluing that ECM run; I mean when you're looking as far out as T+264 to pick fault a lot can change by then anyway aha
  11. Erm I'm not so sure about that stodge. I mean I do get your point about prolonged cold; but "UKMO is far superior" to the ECM?, I must disagree. That ECM was one to bank. To be honest I think quite a few people saw the UKMO as a bit of a let down run in comparison; nevermind far superior!
  12. Gust of 93mph recorded at Capel Curig around midnight. Arpege hinted at some more rapid deepening I hear... seems the pressure is a tad lower at center than forecast maybe? nearly 980mb and dropping thought they had 987mb for midnight idk. Guess will just have to wait if was a one off guster or whether its picking up more than forecasts were trending towards!
  13. Had the second power flicker in the last half an hour, seems like the gusts are quite strong around the downpours still!
  14. Had strong winds just after the squall line, an hour or so of calmer winds, and now after a recent downpour; the winds are really picking up again here. Can even hear a few of the gusts out there through the new double glazing with all the windows shut which is quite unusual past two years I've been in this house!
  15. Yeah I had noticed that on some of the models too.
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