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  1. Looking at the new gfs might sunbathe in the garden next week
  2. Looking good on radar now everything turning back to snow as it gets colder 2-5cm I think for people around London and below
  3. I think everyone is going to get a shock I think they didn't think the precipitation would be as heavy as it is showing
  4. That snow tomorrow is going to be the most boring snow to watch just going to be the same for hours never getting any heavier
  5. Everyone is going to get rain first you get the rain band first then the snow band is behind so even if ur cold on the eastside it will to start of as rain before you get the snow band
  6. That front is dying to death better pick up when gets closer to the south
  7. Even if this one doesn't go to well we already got a yellow warning for Thursday so don't get too disappointed
  8. when it comes from the west always seems to build a lot before it gets to the south anyways so we could get the real heavy stuff !
  9. I think if that keeps building before it gets to the south and we only get the rain that's green on the radar before the snow we could end up of 2-3 inches again if stays on us for abit through the night!
  10. Looking at the GFS this morning plenty of chances Next week for some snow staying mostly cold through the whole run that is a good sign !
  11. Ended up with 5cm of snow here in St albans been thawing a lot this morning though which is abit disappointing !
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