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  1. A contrast between the two days. Today cloudy mostly just had a spell of light rain which has now stopped. No idea why we got a warning still in force as the front is very weak and the warning for our area needed removing first thing this morning.
  2. While another pause is under way it's amazing that the north side of the cone hasn't collapsed and you can see how it's been undermined by this vid. It;s possible it may go today as magma drops back into the feeding dyke.
  3. Sunny Sheffield still at 17.2C +2.0C above normal. Rainfall at 9mm 13.7% of the monthly average. Probably around 16.9C to 17C by the end of the week.
  4. Looks like the present burst has now stopped so how long will sleep for this time.
  5. Dry cloudy and warm Temp 14.3C, Barometer 1010mb rising slowly, Wind F1 WNW, Rainfall Nil
  6. Mmmm Harmonic tremor seems to be dropping so this present very interesting cycle may shortly stop for a bit. It may be having a brief supper break and rise again in a hour or so.
  7. Interesting video Turn subtitles on for poor translation which is funny at times.
  8. There hasn't been any eruptions big enough to have an effect on the weather. I'm pretty sure now that any big eruption would be tied in with climate change somehow either being caused by it or increasing the effects of climate change. Askja can produce big eruptions but is more likely to have a small eruption. Any big eruption could be a serious problem for mankind as we battle with over population and Covid. Our reliance on technology also makes us more vulnerable. So hopefully we won't have any big vi 6 or 7 eruptions in the next few decades. If you go back to the Laki eruption the gas travelled to Europe causing crop failing, people dying from pollution. Imagine what happen with these days with our added pollution and any crop failures would be a huge problem as we struggle to import supplies. Going back to the present eruption it's apparently now the longest eruption in the 21st century. Scientists haven't a clue how the eruption is going to proceed as it's not acting to the normal pattern that volcanos normally show. Normally ground swells with tremors rising at the point of the eruption. The eruption starts at the lowest point. The eruption starts large and trails off. This eruption hasn't done any of those things and makes it own rules as it goes on. The weather is making hard too see what is going on the eruption is still going on but possibly at a slightly reduced level at the moment. It also looks like the Geldingadalir control barrier North will soon be overwhelmed.
  9. A dry warm afternoon with sunny spells Max temp so far 21.8C, now 21.2C, Barometer 1010mb falling slowly, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall nil
  10. Sunny Sheffield at 17.1C +1.8C above normal. Rainfall unchanged. A slow decline for the next five days.
  11. A dry morning with sunny spells. Morning walk in the peak district sunny at first then foggy for a while before it started to clear Temp 17.7C, Barometer 1012mb rising slowly, Wind F1 SSW, Rainfall Nil
  12. Dry warm with the sun coming up nicely Temp 12.6C, low 11.9C, Barometer 1011mb rising slowly, Wind F1 S, Rainfall Nil
  13. A whole came down last night looks totally different this evening. A huge build up of lava above the valley and a dark line along the hill over looking it. Bit like looking up at mass army massed on the hills getting ready rush down and crush you.
  14. A morning saw cloud increase with it turning cloudy for a while with the sun coming back in the afternoon. Average temps Max temp 20C, now 19.2C, Barometer 1008mb falling slowly, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall Nil
  15. Sunny Sheffield at 17.2C +1.8C above normal. Rainfall 9mm 13.7%of the monthly average
  16. Dry with patchy cloud Temp 12.1C, low 11.6C, Barometer 1010mb falling, Wind F1 SSW, Rainfall nil
  17. Looks like some of the new vents have sealed up. Surprised that the north side of the cone didn't collapse with the vent underneath it. Sadly the cams are now on the wrong side so dependant on what drone footage etc the public make. Interesting that the uplift hasn't increased during this episode. It been sinking slowly since middle of March normally when the ground subsides the eruption comes to a close. Nar doesn't seem to like to play to the rules.
  18. A warm day with sunny spells Max temp 22C, now 21.1C, Barometer 1013mb falling, Wind F1 W, Rainfall Nil
  19. Sunny Sheffield down to 17.1C +1.6C above average, Rainfall unchanged. Slow slide should continue for the next five days
  20. Dry warm misty welcome to the new day Temp 13.8C, Low 13C, Barometer 1013mb falling, Wind Calm, Rainfall Nil
  21. Sunny Sheffield down to 17.2C +1.6C above average. Rainfall now up to 9mm 13.7% of the monthly average.
  22. A day of average temperatures and sunny spells Max temp 20.4C, now 19.3C, Barometer 1012mb falling slowly, Wind F2 WNW, Rainfall nil
  23. A dry fairly cloudy night dry and warm right now Temp 13.1C, low 12.9C, Barometer 1010mb falling slowly, Wind F1 NNW, Rainfall Nil
  24. A very cold day but much less in the way of rain than suggested earlier. So basically light showery rain and drizzle showers. Max temp so far 14.6C, now 14.5C, Barometer 1010mb falling, Wind F1 NNE Rainfall 2.2mm
  25. Sunny Sheffield down to 17.5C +1.8C above normal. Rainfall 5.8mm 8.8% of the monthly average.
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