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  1. Next Wednesday is looking like t shirt weather on Tuesday just below mid teens. Then rather cold Wednesday. The place to be is Scotland if you're looking for white stuff. Pity about that low that scuppers things it just needs a push south or further east.
  2. General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    While nothing is happening a report of Etna is sliding towards ese. I knew the eastern flank was sliding towards the sea but not the whole volcano. Impact well in our life time probably none although predicting eruptions maybe made more difficult due to the sliding action.
  3. Dry damp start after light overnight rain mild Temp 4.2C, Barometer 1003mb rising, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall 1.8mm
  4. Frogs and amphibia 2018

    Frogs spawned before the mini beast from the east then stopped and now have resumed spawning. Probably the latest they've been since 2013
  5. Well the cold spell put the frogs back a bit this year. But the warm got them going almost instantly and I now have fresh spawn. Another cold snap this weekend should mean the spawning will be split into two batches most likely.
  6. The general rule of thumb is for models to downgrade cold as it gets closer to the time very rarely do they upgrade. The last one was a very rare sudden change of mind at T120. The last time something similar happened was a failed beast from east which promptly disappeared at T120 from one to another many years ago.
  7. Unless the models do a quick change of heart like they did for the last cold spell the next cold spell looks st.ill born as models zoom in on a low to the south west which keep us in warmer southerlies. Pity as I was hoping for a really very cold march. As it is it's looking we will be a degree or slightly more below which isn't bad considering how short the cold spells were.
  8. The drift away from cold continues but now on GFS UKMO and ECM. I'm expecting further downgrades unless all the models do what they did with the last cold spell and suddenly change at T120.
  9. Sunny Sheffield up to 2.8C -2.9C below normal. Rainfall 89.5mm 140.5% of average. GFS and UKMO saying no to a new cold spell out to t144 and the ECM also backing away from the idea looks like a steady rise on the cards. Even with the temps shown on the GFS it looks like we will come over a degree below average which isn't bad these days.
  10. A mild breezy day a few sunny spells but mostly cloudy. Max temp 9.4C now 8.3C, Barometer 999mb rising, Wind F2, Rainfall 0.4mm
  11. GFS continuing it's shift away from very cold weather shifting it generally further back north as a new low develops to the south west of the U/k and moves north east slowly killing the cold off eventually away from Scotland. So if it's right cooling down for only brief spells away from Scotland. UKMO more positive in bringing cold too early for ecm.
  12. Dry cloudy and mild start after light overnight rain Temp 6.5C, low 5.4C, Barometer 1000mb falling, Wind F4 SSW, Rainfall 0.2mm
  13. A mild day dry with sunny spells and one lonely patch of snow remaining from where the plough pushed some snow up. Poor little patch. There's more on top though. Max temp 9.9C now 6.2C, barometer 1014mb falling, Wind F3 WSW, rainfall nil
  14. Fairly good agreement between the GFS and ECM at T120 but the UKMO handling the lows differently. However at T144 GFS goes off at a tangent while the UKMO is closer to the ECM. So the trend is colder again but uncertain as to how cold with the UKMO and ECM while with the GFS keeping the south of the UK mostly out of things.
  15. Sunny Sheffield still at 2.7C -2.9C below normal. Rainfall unchanged. GFS beginning to have second thoughts about a potent 3rd cold spell after being very determined earlier in the week. So could still end up significantly cold month for us or just a plain cold month. Either way it's going to be a very wet month whatever happens.
  16. Dry and mild start to the day Temp 6.4C, low 5.5C, Barometer 1023mb falling, Wind F2 W, Rainfall nil
  17. Sunny Sheffield at 2.7C -2.8C below normal. Rainfall 89.1mm 139.9% of average
  18. A rather cold day witha good air frost to kick the day off then dry with sunny spells until late afternoon when we had a few light showers Max temp 7.6C, now 5.6C, Barometer 1029mb falling, Wind F2 WSW, Rainfall Trace
  19. Dry cold frosty start to the day Temp 0.3C low 0.2C, Barometer 1035mb rising, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall nil
  20. Sunny Sheffield down to 2.7C -2.8C below normal. Rainfall unchanged. This could well be the 2nd low point of the month.
  21. Some rain in the morning then dry with sunny spells. Still cold though. Max temp 6.4C now 5.3C, Barometer 1036mb rising, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall trace
  22. Dry cold cloudy start Temp 1.6C low 0.9C, Barometer 1031mb rising, Wind F3 NNE, Rainfall nil
  23. Sunny Sheffield down to 2.8C -2.5C below normal. Rainfall 88.9mm 139.6% of average.
  24. Nightmare pavements this morning so gave up walking in. Side roads sheet ice but no problem with correct gear selection and gentle breaking. Sun came out and surprised how well the snow hung on. Still got a drift in the back garden and snow still on the hedges.; Windows dirty again from the level of pollution in the snow. Times those pesky Russians and Eu countries cleared their air up.
  25. A very cold again although not as cold as previous days. Sunny spells have a resulted in a steady thaw but snow hung on very well considering it was melting with sub zero temperatures Saturday and a slush base on Sunday morning. Max temp 4.6C now 2.9C, Barometer 1025mb rising, Wind F4 NNE, Rainfall Trace