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  1. Cloud returned overnight lifting temperatures to normal values Temp 3.1C, low 1.3C, Barometer 1016mb falling, Wind ESE f2, Rainfall nil
  2. Can you put your location in your profile then we will know where is. Just sleet here briefly then rain. However if the GFS is right the cold uppers have gone however things like dew points are good. Also the forecast has been changing on each run so tonights 12oz is miles different from yesterdays. So I wouldn't really call this until Friday.
  3. Rodger out of interest how many of those produced a cold winter overall? I'll rephrase that one or two of the months were below average.
  4. Noticed a few differences in the forecasts lately and theres been a few times you've wondered which model they've been looking at. I'm waiting for the day when there systems say a quite day and met office has warnings out for bad weather. Got to happen when you're using two different systems.
  5. Cloudy cold day with little in the way of brightness Max temp 5C now 3.2C, Barometer 1019mb falling, Wind F3 SSE, Rainfall Nil
  6. The PIT

    Model Reliability

    If you're looking for reliable scoring see this page http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/gmb/STATS/STATS.html
  7. Sunny Sheffield at 7.5C +1.4C above normal. Rainfall unchanged. GFS all over the place at the moment with temperatures down on yesterdays 12oz but not low enough to take us anyway near average at the present time. Looking like we could be in the top five warmest Decembers recorded for us in Sheffield and this says no cold winter Ladies and Gentleman. Plenty of time for it to change yet.
  8. Dry average temps to wake up to Temp 3.3C, Barometer 1020mb falling, Wind F1 SSE, Rainfall nil
  9. The PIT

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Seems odd it is so low. A wet spring and Autumn here which I why I was surprised to hear it was so low. What I'm suspecting is that the demands on the water supply have increased a lot in recent years so even a wet autumn following a dry summer isn't enough to bring the levels up. I mean the rivers like Lathekill are running the full length and have been for a while so the water table can't be that low. I used to visit Goyt a lot and in recent years it always seems low. Would be interesting to see how much water demand has increased in recent years.
  10. Looks like the prospects for Snow from fronts pushing in from the west has gone tits up. May get some sleet in the early hours of Friday but I expect a good risk of light freezing rain for people to wake up to. Yuk. Saturday is looking an odd day temperatures wise temps 0C to 2C at 06:00 these rising to a balmy 12C to 13C between 21:00hrs to Midnight before dropping again
  11. Sunny Sheffield down to 7.7C +1.5C above normal. Rainfall unchanged. Tonights run has the colder air coming in quicker but then leaving quicker with large 11C to 13C range in temperature on Saturday. That should effectively cancel out a few cold days that we will get this week. GFS 12oz generally milder than yesterdays run with little sign of any cold even in lala land. Odds 70 to 30 on a very mild December to me.
  12. A day of sunny spells and light winds. Temperatures not rising much. Max temp 6.8C, now 4.8C, Barometer 1022mb falling, Wind F1 S, Rainfall Nil
  13. Cloudy mild with light winds Temp 4.4C, Barometer 1024mb falling, Wind F1 SE, Rainfall nil
  14. Sunny Sheffield with a slight drop to 7.8C +1.6C above normal. First dry day yesterday and looks like another one today. Rainfall this month still at 48.4mm 55.7% of the monthly average. Models have changed again with colder air moving into country so should get a steady faster drop unless everything changes again. At the moment no real cold air around but then no real mild weather either with temps looking mostly around average after this weekend.
  15. On the cool side by day some sunny spells but plenty of cloud around as well increasing as the day went on. Max temp 7.9C, now 7.2C, Barometer 1026mb rising. Wind F21 NW, Rainfall nil
  16. A mild start but cloudy Temp 6.2C, low 5.2C, Barometer 1022mb rising, Wind F3 WNW, Rainfall nil
  17. A swing back to a slightly cooler outlook. Ideally we want the 3rd low to go the same of the second then it would be game on. Still if it go the way shown on the GFS I have my next favorite weather "very windy"
  18. A dry mild day with long sunny spells Max temp 8.1C, now 6.1C, Barometer 1014mb rising, Wind F3 NW, Rainfall nil
  19. A slight drop today Sunny Sheffield at 7.9C +1.6C above normal. Rainfall mounting up at 48.4mm 55.7% of the monthly average. Today is looking like the first dry day since the 15th of November although rain has been mentioned overnight which will scupper that. Local forecast is showing above average figures courtesy of mild nights until Thursday and Friday then turning milder on Saturday. So it's likely any drops in the daytime average will be countered by a rise in the nighttime temperatures. So I'm not expecting any major drops until end of the week. However plenty of unceratinity about the cold to the east however we all know that once a change to milder conditions are indicated within a reasonable time frame it's very rarely that Models don't home in on this. Sadly cold is the other way and can disappear at a very short time notice as anybody who can remember the failed beast from the east which got down to T120 and then all models ditched it overnight and we remained in the mild regime.
  20. Nothing really of note here max gust 46mph just before six this morning. Beeb reckon the winds will get up again this evening GFS thinks not so a question of seeing what actually happens.
  21. Could be a windy spell of weather towards the end of the week. Details still in flux so no idea yet if it will actually bring anything.
  22. More showers which were heavy this afternoon continuing breezy. A mild day. Max temp 8.9C now 8.4C, Barometer 990mb falling, Wind F5 W, Rainfall 12.6 according to the Davies.
  23. Showers quickly died away now sunny and breezy Temp 8.8C. Barometer 994mb falling, Wind F4 WSW, Rainfall 10mm
  24. Sunny Sheffield at 8C +1.6C above normal. Rainfall 39.2mm 45.1% of average Models still showing a bit of difference but the trend still continues towards the less cold outlook. Overall its looking like we will get a very mild month.
  25. A wet start with heavy showers mild Temp 7.6C, low 6.7C, Barometer 996mb rising, Wind F4 WSW, Rainfall 8.2mm