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  1. Cold clear dry night temperatures still falling Temp 5.7C, Barometer 1034mb rising, Wind Calm, Rainfall Nil
  2. Cloud breaking with sunny spells and an increasing breeze Temp 11C, Barometer 1017mb rising, Wind F3 NNW, Rainfall nil
  3. If the GFS is right it looks like we will clock a close to average month coming in just slightly above belief it or not. Really depends on how much of a warm up we get midweek.
  4. Sunny Sheffield at 14.2C -0.3C below average. Rainfall 99mm 151.4% above average.
  5. Cloudy cold start Temp 7.4C low 6.7C, Barometer 1015mb rising, Wind Calm, Rainfall from midnight nil
  6. Some spots rain in the afternoon cold and cloudy Max temp so far 11.7C, Barometer 1015mb falling, Wind Calm, Rainfall Trace
  7. Sunny Sheffield down to 14.4C -0.2C below normal.Rainfall 98.8mm 151.1% of average rainfall.
  8. A dry cold cloudy day Temp 10.7C, Barometer 1017mb rising, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall from midnight nil
  9. The PIT

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    KILAUEA VOLCANO (VNUM #332010) 19°25'16" N 155°17'13" W, Summit Elevation 4091 ft (1247 m) Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE Kīlauea summit and lower East Rift Zone On Kīlauea Volcano's lower East Rift Zone (LERZ), no incandescence was visible overnight in the collapse pit within the fissure 8 cone. Minor fuming is visible during the day. Seismicity and ground deformation remain low at the summit of Kīlauea. A magnitude 3.5 earthquake occurred at 1:56am local time on Kīlauea's South Flank. Other small aftershocks from the magnitude-6.9 earthquake in early May are still being generated on faults located in this area. No collapses within Puʻu ʻŌʻō crater have been observed over the past week. Rates of tilting throughout the East Rift Zone are much lower than those observed during the period of major eruptive activity. There has been no change in seismicity during the past week. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission rates at the summit, Puʻu ʻŌʻō, and LERZ are drastically reduced; the combined rate is less than 1,000 tonnes/day, which is lower than at any time since late 2007. SO2 emission rates from LERZ vents were below the detection threshold of the measurement technique when last measured on Sept. 11. Minor amounts of H2S are being emitted at the summit and at Puʻu ʻŌʻō. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) continues to closely monitor Kīlauea’s seismicity, deformation, and gas emissions for any sign of reactivation, and maintains visual surveillance of the summit and LERZ. HVO will continue to issue daily updates and additional messages as needed.
  10. Met office covering themselves in glory again. Local forecast now dry for Sunday but there's a weather warning for for heavy rain. Can't have both guess I'll have to use the models too see if it's going to rain.
  11. Day ending as it started with mostly light showers we're just on the edge of a band which look heavy to the south of us. Cold and breezy but nothing untoward Max temp 12.8C, Now 10.2C, Barometer 1007mb rising, Wind F3 WSW, Rainfall since midnight 6.6mm
  12. National news gets it wrong for Sheffield. We got just over a months rainfall in less than 24 hours. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45588463
  13. A few showers this morning adding only 1mm of rain to yesterdays huge 70mm+ rainfall Temp 11.6C, Barometer 1001mb rising, Wind F4 WSW, rainfall since midnight 4.6mm
  14. Soggy sheffield Jenkins road made a splash in Toure De france but this is another splash https://www.newsflare.com/video/240721/weather-nature/sheffield-flash-floods-thursday-20th-september-2018-jenkin-rd-sheffield
  15. Well a lack of an amber warning for rain one cannot understand. 70.5mm of rainfell. 3rd wettest 24 hours since 1989. Winds not warranting a warning here peaking at 47mph.