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  1. 6 minutes ago, Nqp15hhu said:

    Thanks, they have been having wee digs at me from the point that I had referenced studying Meteorology. I guess they're feeling bitter because they didn't meet the entry requirements? 🤣

    Well you are not especially Golden wondering why a Polar North Westerly was delivering Convective Showers to Manchester with the Irish Sea on their doorstep and NOT Norwich 🤣 Think you might need another 4 years Pal

    Would love to take you to Tornado Alley and see how you fare out there as well, Had 4 PHD Met Students out in 2017 and they said they actually learnt quite a bit from me - Touche

  2. 3 minutes ago, Snowman. said:

    What you feel Paul reckon we could actually see some flakes tonight?

    I wonder though if the modelled winds and dewpoints might be wrong for the morning though, if this LP has not behaved as it should and lands in a different position to where it was modelled then the winds might be ENE and not ESE by dawn which should make the dewpoints better for us

  3. 1 minute ago, Buzzit said:

    He is still being very tight on the accumulations.. always anti counting past 10cm

    Yes and the sad thing is I have a friend who can get the data from UKV charts etc which he has licence too as well and that is painting a daunting picture for some locations that would blow his 5cm out of the water. Not in my neck of the woods though unfortunately, and areas with elevation obviously

  4. Just now, kold weather said:

    Paul, I'm starting to get whiffs of that Dec 2010 event here...remember how that one got big time upgraded as the event started. Was only ever forecasted 5-10cms where I was and I more than doubled that.

    Of course different angle of attack, but that one gave quite a wide coverage of 10-20cms, I'm wondering whether given the front is forecasted to hold up longer than expected, whether this could end up in a similar fashion and over perform?

    Yh this one could catch the forecasters with their pants down - Cant wait for the fall out from this if they dont up the levels and it does turn out worse (or better for us) than expected.

    Get some cracking pictures mate

  5. Just now, essex coast matt said:

    looking at models dew points are due to be around 2c at midnight and temps about 3c and i think upper air temp due to rise later too for us on the coast

    Ah ok not looked at that must admit, if thats correct then yes it will be rain. 

    So why did people say for the last few days this will be pure snow all the way. Very strange the way its changed

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