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  1. We are unfortunately placed for Surface based storms I agree, there simply is not the land track for Essex and Surrey in our locales. You have to get very lucky with a NE Moving storm to form for you just inland from the Hampshire Coast or for me north of Brighton. Otherwise its MU Cape Storms from France which deliver or get annoyed by Surface based Supercells raging in NW France that lose intensity as they encounter the English Channel.

    I would take a punt on a possible MCS This evening for our area so all is not lost..................yet

    Other than That East Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincs looks primed if you can drive just a little bit north today.

  2. 2 hours ago, Flash bang flash bang etc said:

    I don’t understand these storms at all now.

    Think I’ve lost the will to be a U.K. storm chaser any more.

    If it can be this hot and humid and storms just refuse to happen over us then i’m at a complete loss understanding what conditions i’m supposed to be looking out for.


    Not to sound condescending but I think you need to read up online or from a book about what causes thunderstorms in given areas, it is not down to the pretty colours you see on charts and you have to include a lot of factors when looking at where storms will be likely.

    Texas and Oklahoma in the States have had Cape Value and Heat of over 100f most of the last 3 months but have had hardly any noteworthy storms, but places further north which are cooler (relatively) and are closer to Upper Forcing and surface features have been getting hammered with storms with lower Cape but higher Shear environments.

    You really will find it beneficial to read up on these things and wont get so wound up - Just my twopenceworth

  3. Hi Guys

    Next week is looking VERY active. After all meeting on Saturday we will be making our way East towards Kansas for what looks like a May Type Tornado Set-Up. Monday also looks very active in N Central Kansas, not going any further with risks at this point but looking very good.




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