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  1. Hi Paul.

       yes its only me. Hope you are OK?

     Just a quick update for information; There was mention last year that you might have found a good deal for your data? Was this with a USA SIM card or did you rent a MIFI? ....Anyway TBH prob can't make this year due to lack of finances but will be out next year.

    PS. You are probably aware that this will be an El Nino Spring. Past records show potential for an early big outbreak April but not much May?  Often followed by a late season workable outlook from halfway through June to end of July?

    Regards Tony

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Hi Mate,

      God I hope that dont happen lol as that would wipe out 5 of our 7 weeks chasing and would come back with a great suntan!! Regards the MIFI Think they rented it last year and it autoswitched between servers and worked quite well. Hope you make it out this year by the looks of it you might be first out there if it kicks off in April!





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