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  1. I can see distant flashes from that storm out towards Lichfield Just had some rain here but sadly not enough to cool things down .
  2. Round 2 : I'm seeing distant flashes to the south . Diverted passenger planes for East Midlands airport (due to the storm) passing overhead now in bound in to Birmingham . A few parcels planes that need to go into East Midlands now doing loops over the area .
  3. Blimey that was a bostin' storm ! Rain wasn't torrential but the gardens had a good soaking The lightning ...... Magnificent Passed over now but the thunders still rolling in the distance Looking at the lightning map I see the main part of the storm did the usual right turn Clyde over Stratford and went up the West Mids storm bypass between Coventry and Brum towards Leicester .
  4. First clap of thunder , distant lightning getting more defined now . Night storms are ace !
  5. I'm still seeing it from 3 separate directions , the flashes over the back of Dudley are getting quite bright now
  6. looking out of my rear window towards Dudley I can see faint flashes off to the south , flashes over the back of Dudley and more flashes towards Wolverhampton .
  7. I'm hearing distant thunder but strikes not showing on blitzortung .
  8. The sky over Dudley is a dirty grey yellow colour and its raining quite hard here now , not heard anymore thunder though .
  9. Can hear the thunder from here , sounds elevated as it doesn't have the deep booming rolls , more tinny like the sub has been turned off Can't complain second thunder day this week
  10. Thunderstorm drought has finally gone ..... Heavy rain , lightning thunder and hail here now
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