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  1. I'm seeing a few strikes on Real time lightning maps but I'm not hearing any thunder yet , last week it was the opposite way round !
  2. Watching the storm over Bridgnorth . Not many flashes but the thunder is audible from here .
  3. Environment agency river level gauge for the river Tame at Bescot (Walsall near M5 M6 Junction) Its rose 1.6+ metres since 6.15pm https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/2135?direction=u
  4. Getting some close CG's and booming thunder now , rain seems to be calming down .
  5. lightning every few seconds , monsoon rain , thunder sounds elevated
  6. London exports overhead now , heavy rain and frequent lightning
  7. Brother just called they've had hail the size of golf balls in Dudley , I could hear them bouncing off his window whilst we where chatting !
  8. Amber warning for here , I've got one side of the house being cooked by the late afternoon sun and the other with dark skies and rolling thunder . Rain is very heavy now
  9. Day 3 of the rinse and repeat cycle . Elevated thunder , near continuous and just started big spot rain .
  10. Saw that from behind after it passed over here and it was a large tower already
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