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  1. Yesterday was one of the best storm days around Oxford to Swindon area for years. Setups like this always some who miss out unfortunately
  2. Couple of rumbles in Oxford. Wasnt expecting that this evening
  3. Mate lives there just messaged me. Large hail as well for a time.
  4. Damn I was too close but not in it so actually had one of the worst views
  5. Sky looks so promising in east Oxford. Cap will prevail though it seems.
  6. Lightning from the cell in Oxford just now. I'm out of the unwanted club just about
  7. Decent hail storm here in Didcot. Good covering on the ground
  8. What chances do we think for some homegrown stuff this afternoo or early evening? Worth keeping an eye on the radar?
  9. So close yet so far here in Didcot. Bit of rain and distant rumbles
  10. Out of interest anyone know the highest cape value recorded in the UK?
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