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  1. First thunderstorm of the year here. About a dozen rumbles and some small hail. ? The main core of the storm passed just south of me.
  2. Squall with torrential rain and then hours of moderate rain earlier today and now a torrential shower with hail. 15mm today
  3. Haven't been on for a while so I just want to say the snow was amazing with 13-17cm in town and up to 20cm in nearby villages beating the snowstorms of last winter. It was like a blizzard at times :)
  4. Another heavy shower for the last ten minutes has brought me up to 20mm for the day
  5. Awful morning with constant rain but the afternoon has cleared up with some odd showers although the cold wind isn't nice.
  6. Started off as sleet and rain then went to 2 minutes of heavy snow and then went back to sleet and rain again
  7. I'd say anyone over 200m should be looking out for snow now. Definitely a chance tonight ?
  8. Very torrential downpours all morning. Drains overflowing and giant puddles everywhere. 22mm Next big one's just started
  9. Hurricane Willa has rapidly intensified to become a major hurricane as it begins to slowly approach Mexico. It is forecasted to reach 150mph but should start weakening before it makes landfall.
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