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  1. 8 minutes ago, Allseasons-si said:


    Yep they certainly are,lightningmaps always does this when there is a powerful storm near by such as the one in central France,i always use blitzortung.org any day


    Blitzortung.org provides lightning and thunderstorm information in real time on maps for USA, United Kingdom, Australia, new Zealand, Europa, Africa, Asia and other...

    and the more international one which you can zoom in or out.


    Blitzortung.org, lightning and thunderstorms in real time



    Lightningmaps is more accurate with actual storms overhead, with a thundershower I had earlier this year Blitzortung missed more close strikes, but yeah watch out for the false strikes

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Alderc said:

    Right no laughing, but normally I'd expect storms to fire in the 'Red Baguette' zone and move NNE, however looks like this areas is possibly too heavily capped leaving it very touch and go. I can't see any Ac Cas with concerns me a little as would normally be able to do so even though my view is blocked to the south as in something of a valley!

    Annotation 2020-06-25 201734.png

    The capping kind of fits the Estofex lightning line 

  3. 3 hours ago, qwertyK said:

    Exactly my point. Harsh winters every year. Heatwaves? No. Glorifying unseasonably warm weather has to stop. It has deadly consequences. 

    I don’t think people are glorifying it, I think people are just happy for a summer heatwave after all the cloud this June

    Edit: I thought you were talking about here, sorry

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