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  1. I was supposed to be on the 6 o' clock flight, but BA have changed it to 10pm... and they've also decided to stick me on an Air Belgium aircraft on the way over whilst they repair some engine fan blades!
  2. Thanks for the welcome, Tom. Yes, I will be staying at the Best Western.
  3. Hi! Looking forward to meeting you all! I'll be arriving at around 3:30 on the 14th. Sam
  4. I'm actually arriving on the Monday, not the Tuesday
  5. Aspen Creek next door for dinner/drinks? I like that place, they once gave me free cheesecake...
  6. Is that on the 7th AND the 8th?
  7. I use the Manfrotto "190go!". It's not the lightest, but it is very study. This is definitely worth bearing in mind because it can get pretty windy. Manfrotto have some smaller and lighter travel tripods too, if I recall correctly. And I believe they currently have a sale on I've never found the screw ones a problem, but I guess whichever you find easier is the way to go.
  8. Exactly 10 weeks until I fly out! Can't wait for some proper weather; I'm sick of this snow, and I haven't even seen any yet.
  9. I'm flying back on the 19th: BA0192 to LHR departing at 18:00. And I'll be landing into DFW on the 7th. I'll have been in the country since the 4th though, so hopefully I'll be over the jet lag by then...
  10. It looks like we were missing a Tour 1 thread(?), so here's one :) Who else is on Tour 1? Sam
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