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  1. Our first good rumble of thunder tonight in Lowestoft. To go with the rain
  2. Anyone recommend a good restaurant in Lowestoft ?

  3. Drinking before lunchtime :) I love holidays

  4. Finished work for 2 weeks / check

    Chilling out / check

    Kids in bed / check

    McD for lunch / check

    Good day / check

    Must be wine time :)

  5. What shall I do with my day off ?

  6. Need's to snow more often, no one on the road tonight, nice quick drive to work, not that i wanted a alarm call out

  7. Snow :) car has a dusting !

  8. I'm cold and left trouser leged off, don't want to end my holiday

  9. A evening on my own, what shall I do !

  10. Oh how I love getting a call out at 2 in the morning

  11. Been to a kids party and I have come home more tired than the kids

  12. Friday the 13th :( how much will go wrong today

  13. I need to stop going into town and spending money, mind you £1 bargains from M&S are good

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