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  1. Quite....but not only did remain actively seek to avoid the issue, they made the classic mistake of labelling each and every person who held genuine concerns about it as a racist. Now without question some Leave supporters were out and out, dyed in the wool racists, there really are few better ways to describe them and many worse ways, but these types were about as prevalent as supporters of the EU who claimed it was absolutely perfect - i.e very few and far between in reality. There were a whole raft of people however, myself included who felt they had been pulled just right of centre and in many cases a long way from the natural habitat by uncontrolled EU immigration, but what we were desperately looking for was someone on the Remain leadership side to give us hope that they understood the problem, accepted our genuine fears and were ready to stand up and be counted on the issue. No one emerged, no one even looked like emerging, in fact as you quite rightly say the Remain leadership were actually queueing up to distance themselves from the issue, because they knew absolutely and categorically that whilst we remained within the EU we had to accept the free movement of EU citizens. Despite this being an absolute, 101% nailed on fact, not one person from Remain ever had the cahoona's to stand up and say it. Instead they continued to skirt the subject at every opportunity and in turn gave the tabloid press all the ammunition they needed to print pretty much whatever they liked, under the guise of 'well if you can't admit the one fundamental truth about EU migration, then the gloves are off and you give us carte blanche to say pretty much whatever we like by way of balance.' And they did! The real truth here is Leave did not just win the Brexit vote through lies, Remain lost the Brexit vote by avoiding the real truth.....the huge immigration elephant in the room!
  2. And they expected that to be a satisfactory answer to the millions who had and were suffering at the time from the effects of uncontrolled EU migration....and some still wonder why they lost! How many Remainers did you ask the same question of and what was their response/answer?
  3. It's a model discussion thread is it not? Therefore if people wish to talk about a breakdown which is supported by charts from said models, does it really matter what the current weather setup is?
  4. Well wittering ultimately proved to be more effective than denying didn't it?
  5. Given the passion you demonstrated pre vote and your clear sense on injustice since you lost I fully expect you to continue fighting the fight, but at the end of the day you will lose....again. Article 50 will be triggered, there will be no return to square one and we will leave the European Union. Millions have already faced that reality, some are starting to come to terms with it and others like yourself simply can't or won't for now, but eventually you will have no choice imo. On a lighter note, given Erdo's trip to Moscow today it looks like Turkey will not be joining the EU any time soon after all, so at least you and Ed look to have called something right.....
  6. It was the Remain camps failure to address the immigration issue that cost them so dearly. I said this frequently at the time, those who inhabit the real world would end up seeing thing very differently from the utopian ideals espoused by many within the Remain camp and so it proved. I do agree that much of the tabloid press fuelled the immigration issue pre vote, but if Remain had faced it head on rather than trying to convince the millions affected by it that they were either mad, racist or both, then they probably would not have felt the need to shout so loudly on their behalf. Like it or lump it the UK voted to exit the EU and that is precisely what we are going to do - what happened happened, no one is asking you to support it, no one is even asking you to like it, but constantly moaning about why we are where we are today is not going to change anything.....other than probably make things worse.
  7. At the end of the day BB people are going to interpret events and expectations going forward in the way that suits their particular agenda. Remember pre the Brexit vote many in the Leave camp were accused of wanting to see the EU fail by certain individuals, well now the shoe is on the the foot those same individuals are equally keen to see Brexit fail, it's sour grapes and also a very sad reflection on human nature imo. Even now some continue to suggest Brexit may never happen, still allowing fear and loathing to triumph over hope and expectation, but as with the vote itself those same people will again end up bitterly disappointed if they refuse to enter the real world. No one is suggesting the coming years will be easy and yes some economic/financial pain looks pretty much inevitable, but we are now on this path and the sooner Remainers stop blubbering and embrace the changes and opportunities ahead the better.....not like that even looks remotely possible given their track record to date.
  8. Rather too late for that already... 06 breakdown timing is more progressive still, meaning even across the E/SE of England we are looking at 48hrs of heat tops, whilst in the west 0-24hrs pretty much covers it. Should this trend continue (not saying it will) there is a danger the vast majority of us will miss out altogether, with upper teens and low 20's rather than upper 20's and low 30's.
  9. Lets face it we all know it was the £350 million a week lie that won it and now the resultant Brexit vote is going to destroy the UK financially. Voting to leave such a trusted, well respected and stable trading block as the EU is going to prove to be economic hari kari, so I'm upping sticks and moving to Scotland after lunch where thankfully no such madness exists!
  10. I genuinely and regrettably feel nothing can or will be done for at least another generation and maybe two, which utterly disgusts me, but I have resigned myself to it. I think there is a link with the likes of Rotherham, Savile and the upper eschlons of society, but breaking that link and in turn providing transparency by firstly bringing the guilty to justice has and is going to continuing proving impossible for some time to come. The very best we can hope for is the occasional sacrificial lamb to continue being thrown to the wolves, generally those who are already too ill to face trial or better still (from their point of view) dead like Janner/Savile, but as for getting living individuals or indeed getting to the root of this we can forget it....no matter who heads up the enquiry/investigation.
  11. Why would anyone be really surprised, when this kind of thing goes right to the very top those at the very bottom have absolutely no chance whatsoever of begin heard.
  12. Stir what pot? I started the discussion because I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven and as I originally said (if you care to look back and read it) I think she resigned because she realised fighting the establishment who have a history of protecting those who abuse children was a complete and utter waste of time. I many not have used those exact words, but I'm sure you could have worked out what I meant from the wall analogy.
  13. Probably best to keep any sort of personal comments completely out of the equation, as they don't always come across as intended.
  14. Which is precisely what I did, so I'm baffled as to why you felt the need to have a dig about my name. Believe me as the owner of a business that is very dependent of fine weather I just as disappointed as you and many others over what appears to be a downgrade, but I'm not going to let emotion get in the way of what I see in front of my own eyes and as I said before this is far from done and dusted....in fact we are still 5 or 6 days from it even starting for many.
  15. Absolutely not....I think this because it's no different to what I've been thinking all along with regards to this spell. Said as much yesterday regarding both the indifferent weekend and the potentially longevity of the spell, the overnight runs have not changed my mind, but they have injected a well needed dose of realism to the debate imo. Yes there is plenty of scope for upgrades, in fact the familiar pattern I spoke about often sees original eye candy being downgraded (both summer and winter), only for slight upgrades to then follow across the next couple of days as the models struggle to nail the detail. What I described above is what the charts are showing this morning, a claim that you make frequently to defend your obvious optimistic way of viewing things, but that's not to say things won't change again...in fact I guarantee they will.
  16. Indeed.....the overnight runs have certainly delivered something of a reality check this morning and we really do need to put the upcoming spell into some sort of reasoned context imo. To my mind the weekend looks distinctly average for the majority of the UK, though depending on where the trough ends up the far south could be warm, locally very warm. Even Monday whilst fine and dry for most is not overly warm across the northern half of the UK, pleasant probably best describes things for me, but clearly the southern half will become warm/very warm, locally hot. Tuesday now appears to be the peak of the heat for England, but a good deal more cloud than originally expected looks like pegging temps back on the warm/very warm locally hot category here, whilst further north and west frontal activity will keep it a good deal cooler with rain likely at times, especially later. Wednesday still looks very warm/locally hot across eastern and southeastern England, but elsewhere it quickly becomes much cooler and fresher. So as things currently stand a nationwide heatwave does not look the form horse by any stretch of the imagination, in fact away from England and Wales a brief warm up is probably the best that folk can hope for. One or two members may have ruffled a few feathers lately with their forthright appraisal of upcoming spell, but the fact is the latest outputs back their thought pattern far more that that of those getting carried away over 22c 850's a week hence. We have been here so, so many times in both summer and winter, I'm really baffled why the same mistakes keep getting made over eye candy charts so far into the future, when we all know even nailing down the coming 48hrs is rarely easy.
  17. Agreed, I think the odds of a complete miss are probably the same as a week long heatwave, i.e very low. That said there will be some places that avoid any heat, especially across the far northwest and even the most favoured spots in the E/SE of England are probably looking at 48-72hrs tops. Whether we can see some sort of reload thereafter remains to be seen, but there is a real danger that a deep trough lying from Iceland to the UK will prevent the AZ and Scandi HP's from linking, trapping us into a cool, unsettled pattern for week 4 of Aug.
  18. For me it was Turkey in early July 99 when we had 3 days of c.44c maxima and c.30c minima. Was made worse by the fact we were in a top floor apartment with a dark flat roof and no aircon. Temps used to be over 38c by 8am, they would max out at 11am-noon before the breeze switched onshore and it would still be 36c at midnight during that heatwave. Thankfully things returned to normal (still roasting though) for our 2nd week. All in all very interesting, but absolutely debilitating despite the air being very dry when the heat was at its peak.
  19. I think some sort of plume early next week looks fairly inevitable now, but we are again looking a 1 day event in Scotland/N Ireland and a 2-3 day event for the bulk of England and Wales. Thereafter at least according to GFS the longer term looks distinctly uninspiring, so given the choice between what the models now appear to be settling on or the less intense but much more protracted fine spells flagged late last week, I defiantly chose the latter. Yes it will be nice to see another blast of heat, but that is currently all it looks to be and it's longevity as even will be entirely dependent on your location.
  20. Eventually yes, but the weekend does not look particularly warm and there is clearly a weak frontal zone lying east-west across the middle of the UK at 00 Sun (144hrs). Therefore IF correct we are now looking at this time next week before any sort of warm up even begins, so whilst things remain at that kind of range it's wise not to get over excited imo.
  21. I'm still concerned about the ECM - GFS has definitely drifted towards in it in the longer term, having completely dropped it's HP dominated outlook and now it looking increasingly likely that much cooler air will push a long way south on Saturday according to the 00 ECM. Not good imo.
  22. Indeed......what have we got to do to get decent agreement post 144hrs from the big two? So often recently when ECM has gone for fine, warm summery conditions longer term and GFS hasn't we ended up seeing GFS proven right, but now the shoe is very much on the other foot I fear the reverse will happen. As has been said before in here, if things can go wrong for the UK they generally will.
  23. And you appear more interested in attacking me than facing facts Ed...quelle surprise! FYI we are leaving the EU, it ain't my fault, deal with it.
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