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  1. Maybe if you read my post correctly you would understand the point I'm making...that said I'm happy to clarify it for you once again. I said 'outside the far SE (for clarity based on the UK this means roughly southeast of a line from the Wash to the IOW, not just Kent and Essex) the very average weather will continue across the weekend, much as it will across the remainder of this week after today. Perhaps using the charts above posted by yourself, you could show me why/how I'm so far off the mark with this claim, because to me the odds favour distinctly average conditions for 70-80% of the country between tomorrow and Sunday.
  2. Couldn't disagree more MWAB....pretty much zero chance of verifying as shown, indeed outside the far SE the very average weather will continue across the weekend, much as it will across the remainder of this week after today. There really is unworthy amount of hype surrounding the weather atm, with the vast majority of us well outside the heat zone - take Camborne for instance where 20c looks a push on any day after today..... and Camborne as Knocker will attest is a long way south of Manchester. Things have to be kept in context here imo.
  3. No everyone lives in London though MWAB, for many the reality of the next 3 or 4 days is very different...chalk and cheese in fact.
  4. Still plenty to be resolved re detail across the working week......however what it ultimately boils down to is plenty of warm/very warm weather for most of England, but the far west of the country, along with much of Scotland, Wales and N Ireland look set to miss out on any heat (and in some cases even any warmth) once again. As for the BH weekend, still far too early to call with any confidence, but if there is to be any dry, warm and settled weather on offer it's looking increasingly likely that only the SE of England will see it, with 80-90% of the UK having to endure further distinctly average weather.....as per the summer in general.
  5. Absolutely no point whatsoever in looking that far ahead atm, especially with GFS, which time and time again recently has been proven reliable for only one thing post T+120hrs, i.e building hopes of heat/plumes, only to dash them 3-5 runs later.
  6. Indeed, it didn't take long did it, with the 00 run franking the 18 and demonstrating another all too predictable climb down from GFS.
  7. ECM and UKMO again pretty much on the same page in the 120-144hr range, leaving GFS once more ploughing something of a lone furrow, so expect it to fall in line sometime across the next 2-4 runs. It's looking very much like a repeat performance of what we saw with the plume that never was early this week, but it's a bit of a mystery why GFS seems to be struggling so much at this range compared to the other big two. On a positive note many central and eastern parts of England should again see a couple of days in the mid, locally high 20's next week, but for the vast majority of the UK it's shaping up to be another 'close but not close enough' event imo.
  8. Better than many recent August yes, but next weeks warm up looks like being another fairly brief affair according to UKMO/ECM, and one which is again largely confined to England, particularly central and eastern areas. GFS looks a very optimistic interpretation of things in holding off the breakdown until next weekend, so whilst it might well pan out correct I expect it will drift more towards ECM once again across the next 24-48hrs. Probably wise not to forget just how bullish it was about the last plume and it's 22-23c 850's...
  9. Still no real point in attempting to put lipstick on a pig, the 12 GFS is another out and out stinker bar a rogue and very unlikely plume, so IF it verifies we can pretty much write off the final fortnight of meteorological summer...or am I simply guilty of putting another unduly negative slant on things?
  10. Yep, that'll teach you, luckily we are still in the EU or things could have been even worse....
  11. Duck walks in a pub and orders a pint and a bag of cheese and onion crisps, then proceeds to sit and the bar and read the paper while enjoying his beer and snack. After a while the barman tries to strike up a conversation but the duck cuts him dead, saying 'look I know you are just being friendly and all that, but I've been plastering all day, I've got the **** on pretty much every feather and all I want to do is sit at the bar and enjoy a quiet beer'. 'Yeah, yeah' says the barman, no problem at all, I understand'. Anyway the duck returns for the next 3 evenings in a row for his quite pint and snack, but on the third evening the barman could hold back no longer. 'look I hope you don't mind me intruding again, he says, 'but the circus is in town and the ringmaster comes in late every evening for a pint after the final performance, if you like I could put in a good word, I'm sure he would be really, really impressed with you' The duck looks up from the paper and replies ' the circus eh? 'Yes' says the barman. 'And the ringmaster comes in here every evening and you know him'? 'Yes, yes' says the barman. 'When you say circus' says the duck, you mean the place with all the animals, the one across the road in Jones' old field'. 'Yes' say the barman. 'So you must mean that massive tent you can see for miles that holds 3000 people' says the duck. Yes, that's the one replies the barman. 'Well in that case' said the duck, 'why the **** would he need a plasterer'?
  12. Man walks in to a fishmongers and says 'can I have a pound of cod please'? Fishmonger replies 'sorry I've no cod in today'. An hour later the man returns and again asks for a pound of cod. Fishmonger replies 'sorry, as I said earlier I've no cod in today'. Another hours passes and the man returns once more and says 'can I have a pound of cod please'? By now the fishmonger is a bit miffed to say the least. I tell you what says the fishmonger 'ask me to spell cod' OK replies the man, 'how do you spell cod'? 'Easy' says the fishmonger 'it's C O F D'. 'Actually you are quite wrong there' says the man, 'I think you will find there is no F in cod'. 'Exactly' say the fishmonger, 'now you've got it'!
  13. Risky admission...Anyway to each their own - fine, dry and warm means I make money, unsettled with rain or showers means I lose money....so it's a no brainer for me!
  14. Work is feverishly underway in Whitehall to this end, but the truth is the dept is woefully understaffed to deal with the issue because Dumb and Dumber before never even countenanced the possibility of a Leave vote....arrogant nobs! Article 50 will be invoked early in the new year, assuming of course we are able to keep plague and pestilence away from our door until then...oh hold on a minute of course we will, because we are still in the EU, thank god eh?
  15. No they won't, well not us thicko's that voted Leave anyway, remember it all went above our heads then and it will again now....
  16. No real point in attempting to put lipstick on a pig, the 06 GFS is an absolute out and out stinker, effectively writing off the final fortnight of meteorological summer IF proven even close to being correct. August is currently looking a classic game of two halves, the 1st being considerably better than the 2nd!!
  17. Why let facts get in the way of another boooo hoooo story from the Remainettes? Meanwhile....https://selftrade.co.uk/news/uk-consumer-spending-rises-july-despite-brexit-vote Must be all the sore losers out drowning their sorrows
  18. Well not in 2014 apparantly, because the majority voted to remain in the UK. I don't think there is any way they will get a 2nd indi ref this side of 2025, but I really hope they do because when push again comes to shove I think they will vote to remain, giving Sturgid the ultimate kick in the teeth.
  19. Good for you, it's all about opinions.....but we'll see won't we.
  20. I have saved your last few posts for posterity......they look rather daft now, but in 12 months time they will look a whole lot dafter imo.
  21. No but I am a human being not a country. Bottom line is it's in neither sides interest to make this difficult, neither side can win the fight decisively, so compromise has to be found whether they like it or not. Discretion is the better part of valour springs to mind here. The EU must try to stop others following our example as a matter of priority, so there is no way they are going to make it look like we won and in turn encourage others, but by the same token so much trade across Europe is dependent on the UK they dare not risk making decisions that could threaten significant amounts of it. It is an extremely difficult balancing act, with the Scottish thing just adding to the overall complexity, but at the end of the day we will be out of the EU by 2019 with some sort of compromise deal that allows both sides to keep face. However, all talk of 2nd referenda, either on the EU or Scottish Indep is pure fantasy imo, we're going and they are coming with us!
  22. As part of the UK, Scotland will be leaving the EU, but I accept that until it happens you won't even countenance the possibility....which is rather sad really as it means the shock when reality dawns will be even greater.
  23. You still lost the Brexit vote and you will eventually have to accept it, but for now feel free to carry on with your rather dubious double act. May pushing ahead full steam despite being on holiday, A50 will be invoked early next year, like it or not we are going to get a full divorce from the EU even though we will remain on good terms.
  24. Ummmmm, delusional? Don't tell me...typical right wing BBC, no idea about Scottish Law, etc, etc, etc......Yawn! From the BBC's Reality Check series. In 2012, the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee sought a clarification about how Scottish independence might affect its EU membership from the then European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. In his response, Barroso wrote: "Although there is no certainty, it appears an independent Scotland would not automatically become a member of the EU but would instead have to re-apply and complete a process of accession... A new independent state would, by the fact of its independence, become a third country with respect to the EU and the Treaties would no longer apply on its territory." Mr Barroso added that an independent Scotland would be able to apply to become a member and the application would be treated in the usual way. This would mean that, if the other member countries accepted the application unanimously, an agreement between Scotland and the EU would be negotiated, the EU Treaties adjusted and, finally, ratified by all member states. But during the Scottish referendum campaign in 2014, it was unclear whether the EU would permit an independent Scotland to negotiate as a de facto EU member, which would place it on a fast track to accession, or whether the normal, and much lengthier, accession process would be applied. This shorter process would require member states to agree to the EU Treaties being amended to allow Scotland to join, via Article 48 of the Treaty on the European Union.
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