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  1. Hi can any of you on here tell me what kind of weather the north Yorkshire coast is likely to get from the 28th april for a week or so. Thanks in advance
  2. Hopefully only a blip. Please say this is the case
  3. The radar seems to go forward then into reverse. Really bad wind gusts here in skelmersdale but no snow
  4. This morning tv presenters have just interrupted the program to announce the scottish warning
  5. Very heavy and persisting down. Car just got stuck trying to get up the hill to the main road
  6. Heavy and sticking in skelmersdale thats a rarity
  7. Hi all i have been a member and lurker on here for 14 years but was dissuaded a long time ago posting in the mod thread due to its south east bias. Below is a message sent to a moderator Hi paul I have been a member of net weather for 14 years but have been persuaded not to post in the mod thread due to the lack of thought to us from the North West.....if we post we get shot down. Posts about pm incursions etc. The mod thread seems to be all about the south east and if snow or cold dont show for them ...winter is over. Maybe perhaps a moderator can put the poin
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