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  1. markwells

    Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    Looking at bring back 62 63's live pressure chart and comparing it with the weather online chart above posted by MWB it seems that the centre of Doris is a little further North than predicted or is that Wrong?
  2. markwells

    Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    looking through the gfs 00 ensemble members... apart from noting some massive variation..perturbations 6,11,12 and 18 catch my eye at t162 as showing various degrees of trough disruption. I wonder if that signal will be stronger on the 06?
  3. Whilst waiting for something colder and looking through the latest set of GEFS ensembles my attention is being drawn to the chances of a notably severe windstorm in the 5 -10 day period. There are several near misses and 3 -4 direct hits. (example attached) so maybe a 20% chance of something particularly severe at the moment.