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  1. Just wondering if the end of this week has any similarities to feb 96? Had snow off a southerly on the coast.
  2. On the edge of the rain band here so it's been on and off all day. Just north and west of here has seen slot of rain today
  3. Still coming down but not as heavy, must be sleety now because the settled snow is starting to disappear!?
  4. Heavy wet Snow now in Weymouth, settling on cars and grass but not on roads and pavements. App says heavy snow for 2 hours then light snow.
  5. In heavier bursts it snows and then straight back to rain. This is frustrating !
  6. It's been raining for around 45 minutes and already there are a few snow flakes mixed in. Might get lucky right on the coast.
  7. Just started drizzling in Weymouth. Not sure what the chances are of seeing settling snow here but we'll see ?
  8. regarding tonight's snowfall, roughly what sort of time can we expect it to hit Dorset and how long will it last?
  9. It's coming down very thick now. All surfaces now completely white. Can understand why the Weymouth half marathon was cancelled now!!
  10. Heavy snow in Weymouth. It's doing its best to settle but only on grass and cars. The roads and paths are just wet!
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