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  1. Yea all of yesterday the sat 24 didn't match with even the GFS which was the most northerly model, and it still doesn't ....maybe if I stare at the sat 24 imagelong enough it will show the lotto numbers as well
  2. Not to second guess the boffins but it looks further north than showing on GFS charts ....hopeful thinking maybe
  3. Trench road .....there is a reason they call it top of the hill lol....seriously though I have seen snow at the top of my street and none at the bottom at times with only 5m difference
  4. Tis snowing and lying in my part of the maiden city ..but I do have a bit of elevation
  5. I still think it's all up in the air ( pun intended) but the euro4 called it nearly spot on for me last week so I'm going to stick to that ..no need to look past 48hrs at the minute I think
  6. Yea so excited but also soooo cautious... I remember a slider that I was sure would deliver a dumping only 24 hrs out only for the bloody thing to stall and pivot 15 miles down the road ..but PMA every time
  7. I think I will need some extra security as I am transporting this to the BANK !!!
  8. Don't be too sad. I am sure I remember a farmer telling me that means snow is on they way lol
  9. Well whatever happens at least it will be a chance to look out the window rather than at our phones
  10. Just a lurker in here, but have utmost respect for the amateurs, the experts and the mods, especially when the models don't have a clue and we have to figure it out TOGETHER..but hate it when it's a cat fight....I also have a three year old to moderate and explaining the lag time between a SSW and a tropospheric response into snow that he can touch is a triffle difficult ... I suspect I will have about two weeks of "are we there yet" coming
  11. Well the brezze has certainly picked up and the high flat clouds of this morning have been replaced with something looking a bit beefier , fingers crossed
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