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  1. Well the brezze has certainly picked up and the high flat clouds of this morning have been replaced with something looking a bit beefier , fingers crossed
  2. Amazing I bet no other regionals will have a model description better than that , love it , UPPA 6Z!!!!
  3. On the plus side , whilst the servers were out I found that you can get golden axe in the play store time spent wisely
  4. Real sletty mix, ppn so heavy wouldn't take much more cold to turn that to straight up snow , think it's an East side thang tonight, I will leave the freezer open to see if that helps you easties out
  5. In Derry it's windy and according to radar something should be dropping from the sky but nothing at the minute , it feels too warm for it to be snow if it did so I'm expecting rain but that will be strange on the 4 inches of snow in the garden
  6. Streamer put down about 2 inches , heaviest single shower of the winter