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  1. Have to admit I have not been watching the forecast this week and this is a nice surprise indeed
  2. The bit that is making it here is so dry when a flake hits something it just explodes into powwwder ...nice
  3. Must be that part of Scotland that's speaks Russian lol
  4. Unbelievable Jeff a wee bit of snow here , off of an easterly ...think I might get a lotto ticket this week
  5. I know not everybody is a fan of our current set up and I will probably get sick of it in a couple of days but ....it was nice to go for a big walk today without the fear of getting trench foot
  6. Unlikely but I do get the feeling there is a good bit of weather to be had between now and end of month
  7. Yea I really don't mind others getting bucket loads of snow it's just the way it is ....but what I hate about them easterlys is that it picks up the snow from my waters and tosses it out to sea
  8. it's because its not snow associated with a front , it's convective when it losses it's moisture source your snookered , either way it's going to be Baltic ....
  9. Yea they also get a Cheshire streamer or a Pembroke dangler off of the Irish sea .....never seen a Foyle footer but I live in hope
  10. Had to check I was in the right thread , it is indeed snowing outside , not sticking mind but a wee suprise alrighty
  11. Yes please although the easterly doesn't do much for me, I am thinking about @Rocheydub who at this stage deserves a Lifetime achievement award just for hanging on in .....also a northerly that isn't marginal would be the dream this winter
  12. Driving from donegal to home snowed steadily , not sticking ...watching radar it just seems to fill without coming from anywhere
  13. Upgraded from occasional flake to light snow..not sticking
  14. Yea very occasional flake falling but it seems to be drying out as it goes north , just a wait and see job I think
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