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  1. Things that tick you off?

    Ha ha, I can imagine. Don't get me started about people on public transport, fingers, pens and noses comes to mind......
  2. Things that tick you off?

    Ha Ha, I do!
  3. Things that tick you off?

    People who cough without covering their mouth and they have clearly got 'germs'..... Grim......
  4. Just had a peek out the window, its turning to snow here in Upper Belvedere. How long it will last.......
  5. 20p flakes in Upper Belvedere! Loving being indoors baking and watching the weather outside! :-)
  6. My husband just called me, its also snowing at Ebbsfleet!
  7. Light snow here in Upper Belvedere!
  8. Very light snow here when I went out a little while ago.
  9. It's snowing here in Upper Belvedere, woohoo!!!
  10. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    I'm in Upper Belvedere, gone grey here and dry for now!
  11. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    All exciting stuff! Just hope something genuinely materialises for us in Kent!