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  1. HUMID.com!!!! Winged ants appearing from under my planters, all sprayed with insect killer.......
  2. It's blinking cold this morning, I have three layers on and I'm indoors!
  3. Tipping down here, along with lighting! One terrified cat, sitting next to speakers, think its drowning the sound out for her.
  4. Looking forward to next weeks 'major' improvement on the weather, hubby put in of large planters outside our flat, so will be trawling the garden centres in the local area to find some new plants. Even if its not as good as forecast anything is better than what we've had this week.
  5. Peeped out the window, light snow here!
  6. My friend just told me its starting to snow again in Chadwell Heath. We also have a bit starting to fall here again too!
  7. Looking a bit heavier now.
  8. Woke up to a light snow shower, settled on cars only, ground too wet. Stopped for a while and now snowing lightly again.
  9. I have in the past seen a triple, mind you, it was a few decades ago whilst staying with my Grandmother in Nottinghamshire.
  10. Something very dark looming on the horizon again....
  11. Just looked at my BBC Weather app 'Heavy snow showers and breezy, hmm looks pretty bright outside. I'm waiting for round two, of taking pictures of the snow.