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  1. I don't think I've ever entered this time of year without having the need to put on the central heating! In some ways I find this quite shocking. I do miss some real seasonal cold, as we had a number of weeks ago now!
  2. Well there seems to be a bunch of happy campers on here! ? Dress for the weather, don't go wishing your lives away. If we get something we want, as in 'snow' it's a bonus. If the sun's out, lovely. If it rains, then look for the positive in the rain (appropriately dressed of course) but, by all means go out, be happy, enjoy what we have.
  3. I think, they probably post the articles on the first Monday after the schools go back. Well that's what it feels like anyway. ?
  4. Well, that was a fantastic light show earlier this morning, I think it was about 4/5 am ish, I didn't look at the clock, only knew it was around that time as my hubby was getting ready to go to work. I don't remember (apart from when it happened last year) so many flashes of lighting so close together......... It may have done, I might have forgotten... ? Now it's been raining and thundery, one of my cats sprang off the sofa to find a hiding hole earlier, think she confused it with the sound of fireworks!
  5. Oooooooohhhh I'm a happy, happy bunny, loverly sssssnnnnnnnnooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  6. Not back home long, there was definitely something coming out of the sky, and it wasn't polystyrene!!!! ?
  7. We haven't got any yet! My hubby thinks its hilarious, I keep going to look out the front door. ?
  8. Ha ha, after reading the ups and downs of the mad thread, where one minute it's game on and then a 180 degree reversal to doom and gloom, thought I'd post a picture of something that can be guaranteed. I love snow more than anything! Photo from last year in the village! ?
  9. Not posted on here in ages, all sounds a wee bit depressing. Spring will soon be here!
  10. HUMID.com!!!! Winged ants appearing from under my planters, all sprayed with insect killer.......
  11. It's blinking cold this morning, I have three layers on and I'm indoors!
  12. Tipping down here, along with lighting! One terrified cat, sitting next to speakers, think its drowning the sound out for her.
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