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  1. Can anyone in the Merseyside area, more especially Liverpool, keep me posted on the potential for snow, for the next few hours? Working nights at Sainsburys and the shutters are down all around, not a window in sight. Like a prison here. Hoping to walk out at 7am to an ankle deep offering ??
  2. moderate/heavy snow big juicy flakes here in Wavertree wastelands..
  3. Nice to see BBC sending reporter to Yorks middle of Amber warning yet reporter states Merseyside had it bad. We all know it's not that bad, but it shows how hard it is to forecast snow. ?
  4. Snowing with clear blue sky all around. What a strange phenomenon?
  5. light snow in Wavertree. Cloud filling in though, although that may be the snow effect. Evidence of settling, ie not melting one iota.
  6. Just been for a crafty fag in the back garden....The beast is here!!
  7. Any chance of any snow here in Liverpool? It's been a while..
  8. Feel like my kids, (5 And 2) will never get to see settling snow. ? They must think I'm a liar. Thank God I can turn on the Winter Olympics and show 'em Xmas cards. ? Liverpool. ?
  9. Sleety hail here in Wavertree. Not popping out for the paper just yet.. ?
  10. People with heavy snow piccies should be sent to their own thread, and not allowed to post. That would leave us Merseysiders and Manc snow dome amongst others to continue to share our disappointments without inane jealousy. ?
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