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  1. Long time no post from me. Wowser thunder overnight and kicking off again here in Hinckley. Was not great driving a bit ago either. Lots of surface water ⛈
  2. Rain here on this fine bank holiday morning! Good to hear some snow falling across the region and again proves that anything can happen!
  3. Nothing to be defeatist about TBH. Not complaining really either. Not keen on heavy rain and did not expect snow.
  4. Yellow warning for snow cancelled for Leicestershire. Replaced with yellow warning for rain. Pants.
  5. Down for snow all day Monday according to METO app. Really?
  6. Brief sleet shower just now. 5-10 min duration. Moving SE by the looks of it.
  7. Could really do with a wash streamer!
  8. All stopped here. Looks too far south now and moving more Westwards. Still plenty going on elsewhere by the looks of things.
  9. Spot on! Yep now it has just started to snow lightly.
  10. Lol yep, hope so! will keep an eye but think will miss my neck of woods
  11. Is it me or are those showers (from SE) on radar looking like they are expanding northwards?? It's me isn't it?
  12. Mmmm? Light snow here now, powdery stuff. Nowt on radar close by. Fascinating big story of this winter is the surprises appearing out of nowhere. Quality!
  13. Lol, just thinking the same. The model data used is probably already out of date maybe? Heavy snow all day? not bad covering here this morning though.
  14. Light snow here in Hinckley. Temp -38c according to weather station, I think it's broken. was cheap from the Aldi aisle of dreams many years ago
  15. Amber warning out for West Midlands Sat-Sun https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?region=wm&date=2018-03-17&regionType=area Snow and Ice. Wonder what will make this truly requiring Amber?