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  1. Frosty start here 1c. Suns out. What will Feb bring?? No point chasing snow til Next winter I think
  2. Light snow again here, that's nuts! Nothing on radar over here though.
  3. Snowing in Hinckley! Minor consolation for yesterday
  4. As a change of hobby I thought of following SETI because there is probably more chance of finding extra terrestrial life than snow in the Midlands right now
  5. Doh.... swings and roundabouts. It is still too early to make any sweeping statements. IF anything is going to happen it is more likely to be overnight and not conveniently when you are awake and gawking out of your window during reasonable hours Still might be jack all but simply dismissing any chance is a bit overly negative..
  6. That stronger and more intense band on the radar spreads from Devon to Northern France. Creeping north and as @Midlands Ice Age says links up with precip in the channel, definitely heading North! Actually great viewing and wondering how far North it will swing!
  7. Will keep an eye on that! And French Moisture.....ooo errr Monsieur!
  8. wow - avoided the radar for a good hour or so and what a difference! View with animation on gives a bit of a clue as to what might happen. If the pink blobs make it as far as me I might go for a walk (unless its past midnight or something..) Hope it picks up more and across the East and West mids!
  9. Yep, not over yet. Interesting to see where that band reaches though vs what was modelled earlier! Looking good south.
  10. That's got to be Game Over then!!!! Experts say so Joking! Guess it shows shows what gets modelled is so dynamic on the day. Hey ho!
  11. Do you see central mids in with a chance of snow? I think possibly early hours but cannot trust models (plus I don't know enough)
  12. No false hope, it's just guess work and a bit of fun and really not to be taken seriously. In all honesty, i cannot see nothing happening later. Might be snow, sleet, snizzle or rain but looking at the radar and going roughly via models there is more likely to be some form of precipitation. My guess, no big snow fall for us in Central mids. Maybe light snow or sleet. Frosty start tomorrow a bit like this morning but not as cold.
  13. GFS (yes yes I know!) 6am tomorrow via 12z Yeah right..... Still think could develop maybe..... Radar and window/lamposts best bet now.
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