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  1. Sleet here now. 2c and rising. Soon be rain going to be milder next week but after then it looks not so certain but still not expecting a repeat of last two years. Think happy thoughts!
  2. Yeah looks like a few showers on the radar this morning. Losing intensity inland earlier so maybe more showers to come.
  3. snowing and settling now. total melt earlier today and now a new covering. Not forecast!
  4. Sleety/rain downpour right now in Burbage. 3c. Very wet. Cats refusing to go out.
  5. 5c here now. Yes, snow is about gone. Not convinced about anything after the following week. Still not looking like last couple of years. Glass half full at the moment!
  6. Wow some cold temperatures reported this morning! Currently -4c here and both our schools open. Kids not best pleased Not been further then local shops so no idea what roads are like. Still look frozen to me.
  7. Fluctuating around 0c here. Still have snow cover so no big thaw yet. Forecast -9c overnight A little confident that the snow cover will stick around for a little while longer. Looks quite a event across the region, best seen for years!
  8. Stopped earlier and off again now. Looks like more to come. Just keeps on giving! Pokemon on the other hand are not keen. Suspect they are mild rampers
  9. Yay it's here. Woken up to quite a covering. Now to try the new Pokemon Go weather function
  10. Yes pressure drop noted and temp falling still. Looks intense over Ireland on radar. Ah the suspense!
  11. Just had a quick peep at the radar right ho. Temp here 0 and falling still. No real idea what's going to pan out tbh. Setting alarm for early maybe. Good luck all
  12. Light snow here now. Cheeky starter and not forecast
  13. So some may get a starter before the main course tomorrow 0c here and what the 10 minute snow shower left last night is still on the ground. Looks and feels like winter a bit a least.
  14. Maybe not, Radar shows showers from inbound. Might be unlucky and head too far South. Fingers crossed eh?
  15. Really sunny here now. 1c and a slight breeze. So what are the chances of those showers popping up on radar meandering more Eastwards N Warks, South West Leicestershire-ish??