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  1. are we talking a potnetial SSW in late Feb that may effect the weather in UK what 3 weeks later in late March
  2. Bobbydog know what you mean and those charts suit me as I live exactly where the hit with maximum snow , but I was hoping to make up for the last 20 yrs of poor winters , with a monumental event . Happy if this stays as modelled just worry a trend shows a slip to less than -8 uppers
  3. Whilst I agree we should not moan if we get a 850 air at -15c rather than -19 , it does worry me if we get -8 rather -12 . In my experience the -8 gives us wet snow ,sleet at this time of year . We must not see the real cold slip into France , hoping next model runs don’t follow the gfs 0z run .
  4. Tanden , I am in yarm , pretty close to stckesley , the change in model for gfs worries me this morning , hoping the ne t models show easterly still with severe cold
  5. I am from the north east of England and GFS to me is a bit disappointing this morning , i hope this is not the start of a trend to have the high further south , yes its cold but for us in north of uk not fantastic cold like the early models were suggesting
  6. I am 52 yrs and been watching the weather for over 40 yrs . When i was around 13 yrs in 1978 i remember the charts very well . we had a strong easterly around mid febraury and max temp around -3 across a lot of UK. I lived in Newcastle and i recall blizzards like i have never seen. Newcastle was cut off from rest of country. The models are showing charts identical to 1978 and this is the first time since 1978 i can recall seeing the same setup. With the air crossing the north sea being so cold with a sea temp around 6 C , this will give us ice days , but the snow showers off the sea will be
  7. Well , after the excitement and hype on here , today in the north east we have rain. Yes -10 uppers but rain . I Recall the abuse I took when suggesting we need at least -9 uppers for snow to be told it can snow at -6 . We have to deal in reality , this cold spell is pretty poor unfortunately , not below zero at night and at 3 during day about 1 c too warm . All sad .
  8. 3-4 days of cold and pressure high , a little lights snow for a few , then mild for another week or two . As some on here are about to find out an easterly taking air from south Europe is no good at all . What are the experts seeing that I am not , this looks great for three days then all the potential is blown away . This all predicted clearly 48 hrs ago by gfs , it should not come as a surprise to many today .
  9. Been watching these charts for 38 yrs and unless some of you are really professionals , then I remain sceptical that we are seeing only three days of cold max 2 c and then just cool. But some on here seem pretty confident , so let see what happens . If we truly see the charts change and show deep cold for two weeks , then I will accept there are some very bright people on here. But at least we have something generally more exciting than the last few winters to speculate on. Just in my long experience as an amateur we need the High not to sink from today's position .
  10. Guys , what appears to be coming in the next few days appears so little compared to what we thought only yesterday. At the moment not the two weeks of severe cold , but a little cold for three days. Pressure too high when it is cold for significant snow and when pressure lowers the mild air comes in. Pretty awful . The high is still there next week and after but cool air only from its SE direction. We need the Scandi high much further west and not to sink any further . I dont know where the optimism on this board comes from. It is from years of cold and snow starvation .
  11. harsh agree but if we get -9 all the other factors become secondary . If we do get snow at - 5 iit is poor and does not stick
  12. The timing of mid February reminds me of the ? 1978 easterly around same time , we just need to get the easterly in with sub zero temps day and night and then snow will follow Looks great potential but need to see this on charts still at weekend
  13. incredible potential and with Siberian high lurking at the end of the out put , february looks very interesting. If vortex does help at end of January , this looks like the most exciting charts for many years. What i really like is the timing of the year for this et up. I know 2010 was good but if it occurs in early february this could beat 2010.
  14. at 222 living in the north east England this looks superb and -13 getting into scotland. This is proper cold and more like it North Sea temps heading to 7 degrees , so this will be awesome.
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