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  1. Clear move towards the ecm from the icon and gfs. watch the ecm deliver a 2010 style set up later
  2. JMA winter forecast update, looking very cold indeed, just for fun, look at February, wow!
  3. 18z gefs mean at 276hrs, slight upgrade on the 12z, night all :).
  4. Most annoying thing is regarding 18z is mainland Europe hasn’t Cooled down enough, and ssts haven’t cooled enough. The chart for next Friday is very similar to 2010, just the uppers not matching it. Keeping the faith though, let’s hope for upgrades or something from then North/ North East a little further down the line.
  5. Updated Euro 4. Tasty evap cooling
  6. Quite a downgrade on all 12z models in terms of depths of cold and snow. Unsettled and dreary for most with snow limited to northern hills.
  7. Relatively slim I'd imagine, but who knows..
  8. What an outrageous 6z. FI but its gaining support. Easter Sunday snowman anyone?
  9. Looks like the Easter bunny is doing his best to bring us cold on that chart
  10. The Ukmo, a number of gfs ens and even the Navgem is why things are far from certain. Would still be cold for a time but limited snow Let's hope the other models have this one in the bag
  11. Connor Bailey Degnan

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Covering in M Rasen Lincs
  12. Connor Bailey Degnan

    Model output discussion - here comes the beast!

    Ecm Mean supportive of uk wide snow on Friday, with everywhere comfortably in low enough uppers.