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  1. Worryingly stronger and upgraded for Sunday. This is absolutely brutal. 80 to 90mph for many inland areas of the midlands and north. 80 across the south, in places like London.
  2. Just watched the Met Office Live today and makes grim viewing for the potential warming. Now expected to be relatively minor, with little affect, and a return to a strong vortex by late December. ?
  3. I'd say the best GFS Ens yet for a Cold spell. Some very special ones in there indeed. Think the op might be a mild outlier.
  4. The winner for the most bonkers winter gfs ensemble member of all time??
  5. Some absolutely outstanding ens tonight packed with potential. Take a look at this
  6. I think the point hes making is that unsettled starts to November are good for a cold winter? 2009/2010 very cold 2012/2013 cold
  7. Just for a laugh, and it's based on 18z GFS, this is the raw data for my location on Friday, bonkers. Low ground Lincolnshire. Of course it will change, but certainly seems to be some trend towards a spell of sleet/snow for some on friday
  8. Wow this could be an astounding 12z Gfs, winter comes early? ;))
  9. I was at the Grimsby Town game last night and I've never witnessed anything quite like it. Frequent lightning and thunder, biblical rain, extreme wind gusts and hailstones. It really was like the end of the world ?
  10. UKV 15z has 39c as far North as Scunthorpe In Lincolnshire. Absolutely crazy !
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