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  1. Looking through the ens for next week, quite a lot of them deliver.. esp north.
  2. Not too bad at all, mean consistently at or around -5 for some time, in London. Some decent zonality may just be around the corner, then who knows, the easterly we crave so badly may come at the end of the month
  3. Day 6 and ukmo pick of the bunch by far
  4. Model Output Discussion - cold spell to end Autumn

    Agree, completely. North western areas look prime spot for snow showers. Then, as the winds turn more northerly, Northern and eastern areas are prime spots
  5. Model Output Discussion - cold spell to end Autumn

    Great news,We have the big three on board now Bad news is the Gem/Jma and icon are not good at all. I'd love it if we could get all on board. Obviously you'd favour the big three but nothing like a nagging feeling in the back of your head. Edit.. after looking again, the jma ain't too bad.
  6. Model Output Discussion - cold spell to end Autumn

    All in all, a good day for coldies. Ukm at 144 the pick of the bunch, looking forward to seeing the 168 chart. Great support from the gefs next week for a potent northerly.. snow chances aplenty. In the short term, those in the east, like me, should very much look forward to tomorrow!!
  7. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Significant snow event north of the low this weekend? Certainly possible. If the gfs and ukmo 12z came off disruptive snow on higher ground in the north. Thereafter, frequent snow showers piling into more northern and western regions. Encouraging signs. Happy coldie here.
  8. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    18z looking good.
  9. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Not what we want to see. Sickener!!!
  10. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Lol just for fun.. ens number 13 anyone :).
  11. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Well, what a mess. Still all to play for although i do get that sickening feeling that the 'oh so familiar' westerlies will dart across us next week. Gfs op is awful, a few but not many decent ens- although the ens do tend to follow the op. Ecm could go either way but that's probably our best shot at cold. Ukmo is okay at 144hrs and could produce something decent going through next week. Gem back to it's usual zonal pattern. We should get a better idea by 12z runs tomorrow. :).
  12. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Ecm mean at Day 10!
  13. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Atleast the Gem has changed it's mind on the 12z. :).