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  1. Yep anything significant just circulates around us Unfortunately, it’s been the case for years, bfte was exceptional last winter but apart from that, nothing of that much interest since 2013
  2. I’m looking forward to an easterly at the end of April
  3. To summarise, no one on planet earth knows what’s happening past about Monday with any certainty. Upgrades, then downgrades. I wouldn’t get to run down on the any model run currently. The weather will do what the weather wants. And right now it’s cold, there’s been some snow in some parts and it’s remaining cold for the next 5 days Atleast. Winter is here
  4. Euro 4 for Thursday, some surprises coming I think. Several cm possible in some lucky eastern counties.
  5. Very consistent mean from gfs and ecm at 144!
  6. Slowly getting there, will take the gfs op a couple more runs maybe. Will be interesting to see how many ensembles have moved towards the ECM too. Look how different the 12z is vs 18z. Winter is coming! Never rated the gfs anyway
  7. Anyone here in the north of the UK, say north midlands northwards, with high altitude, go and get your sledges ready everywhere else, surprises could crop up almost anywhere
  8. If you live above 300m in northern UK next week, you could well be buried. Think Buxton... wouldn’t rule out a foot. Elsewhere snow is possible even to lower levels at times, major storm being forecast on the 12z op. Whatever happens it’s looking a lot more interesting than what’s been on offer so far this winter. Chin up coldies
  9. I would much rather see the gfs and gem evolution than this ecm. Very cold it may be, but incredibly slack and very boring. edit: much improved at 216.. did not expect that evolution at all if honest but happy with it
  10. Ecm so far is just very cold, looks completely dry.
  11. Not such a good para this morning, has to Be said. Let’s hope it’s a rogue run. Eyes down for the ecm now
  12. Looking through the gefs, quite a decent set going for a 2013 style easterly. Only 1 member I saw going for true northern blocking, but you don’t always need that for the best snow events. Hints of a revival in temperatures towards the end, but that’s just fi all in all, a good start to the day
  13. I think it’s safe to say, those in the north will be satisfied with a polar maritime feed, those in the south not so. Given how this winter has gone so far, I think we need a NE/E flow to make everyone happy. Looking at the EC46, A NE/E flow should be popping up more often on the gfs and it’s ens in the coming days. We shall see.
  14. Not a great gfs op fi this morning, oh well, ens should show a better picture. Great from the UKMO and GEM and icon. Now onto the ec.