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  1. Significant snow event north of the low this weekend? Certainly possible. If the gfs and ukmo 12z came off disruptive snow on higher ground in the north. Thereafter, frequent snow showers piling into more northern and western regions. Encouraging signs. Happy coldie here.
  2. Not what we want to see. Sickener!!!
  3. Lol just for fun.. ens number 13 anyone :).
  4. Well, what a mess. Still all to play for although i do get that sickening feeling that the 'oh so familiar' westerlies will dart across us next week. Gfs op is awful, a few but not many decent ens- although the ens do tend to follow the op. Ecm could go either way but that's probably our best shot at cold. Ukmo is okay at 144hrs and could produce something decent going through next week. Gem back to it's usual zonal pattern. We should get a better idea by 12z runs tomorrow. :).
  5. Atleast the Gem has changed it's mind on the 12z. :).
  6. Imo the most crucial set of 12z runs of season so far. Lets hope they all come on board for us coldies and make this forum a very happy place later this evening..
  7. Is this finally the winter we've been craving so badly ????
  8. Wow that screams huge potential for a classic end of nov snowy spell. Let's hope it comes off.
  9. Hmm new nao and ao forecast.. make of it what you will
  10. Here again for another winter rollercoaster ride. Always much more livelier on here during the winter months,look forward to reading everyone's views and I'll share mine aswell
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    Well what an experience. Truly incredible. Some of the damage we witnessed in Cork.
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    I'm here in Cork, travelled for the storm. Safe to say, Its very eerie. We've been advised not go out after 9am. Will try and get some good videos from the hotel window.
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Me and my good friend are flying out to Cork on sunday. Looking to get some great videos. Will share my experience later next week.