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  1. Based on all high res charts, including The king imo the UKV these are the likely maxes day by day Tuesday 34c Wednesday 36c Thursday 39c Friday 32c
  2. Raw gfs data of 37c in Kent, add the usual couple of degrees and boom record gone.. a lot depending on cloud cover of course.
  3. Netwx-MR take on Thursday, dangerously hot for eastern areas. 38c being shown in London
  4. Ecm has 24 uppers across Kent, given the 2 previous days will have already been hot/ mainly sunny here... providing limited cloud cover on Thursday, surely the record is ever closer to being smashed.
  5. Just for fun this is Netweather extra's NetWx-MR temperatures for Thursday. Incredible.
  6. Gfs 6z has raw data of 36c on Wednesday, add 2c on the record is seriously gonna be under threat. Wow
  7. Gfs goes from zero to hero. Ukmo has backed off a bit, as has the GEM. All eyes on the ECM tonight. Gfs has 6 consecutive days of 30c+.
  8. 30c fairly widely across England and Wales, 35c fairly common in south eastern parts With these charts.
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