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  1. Looks like France will take a right battering!!!!
  2. What would we class as a reliable timeframe?24-48hr?
  3. being a novice,are we now getting into a reliable timeframe?looks very cold indeed.
  4. Agreed as we have just experienced within a 48hr window our snow is now rain.
  5. Any chance we may get a smidging down west?
  6. aaaarrrrgghh we are bang on the 528
  7. Oh look west cornwall is snow free....now there is a surprise..........aaarrrrrggggghhhh
  8. But its also nearly 30 years since west cornwall had its last snowfest so anything goes....hopefully...
  9. Im hoping for a last minute turnaround in the models.after all these are just calculations right?so anything can happen....example october storm 87 last minute.com
  10. Can but hope something like this comes off. I don't think i could handle the downward negativity that would follow.
  11. mountsbaysnow

    Storm Imogen

    pretty bad for marazion i think overnight at about 3:00am.candles at the ready
  12. view from our bedroom.on the odd occasion its beautiful this was a few years back post 2010 I'm hoping for something a bit more spectacular than this as this is pretty much the max we get here.
  13. well if it does it would be an epic come down and i will cry