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  1. Wow wow wow this storm... it's amazing, constant flashes deluge of tropical style rain, pink lightning too, and like every type of thunder low long grumbles crackles booming omg this storm is gonna take some beating, my poor kitty snuggled under my arm, he don't seem to like it haha xxx
  2. Can tell you all for sure there is more lightning than is being picked up on radars, I'm laying in bed with my window facing the perfect direction and can see flashes every couple of mins that are not showing up on any detector, not bad considering how far away it is from here
  3. Suppose will just have to wait and see them, on the plus as soon as it gets dark we might be able to see a few flashes since it's not a million miles away
  4. Gone soo muggy here at the mo, soo would like a few rumbles here to chill down a little
  5. It's quite constant flashes here say every 15-20 seconds and a constant low grumbling sound with the odd louder crackle, from where I am (nw peterborough) I can see pink flashes all over the sky, too far to see actual forks of course but lovely seeing that flicker xx
  6. Well its defo not gonna hit here but I can hear thunder, almost constant and really distant and luckily too I can see the odd feint flash , dunno if I can class it as our 1st storm thou hahaha
  7. Hmmm well if it could be like that actual day Id be really happy (without the destruction of course) I remember it so well, peterborough had a direct hit, aparantly perfect storm, constant flashing, loud booming thunder impressive hail etc, on Facebook my dad posted pics of his conservatory roof smashed in by hail, my sister in laws house got hit by lightning, everyone who I knew was going crazy over this fabulous storm, lasted like a few hours, I'd only have hoped for a nice little storm all summer last year, and I counted down the days till I'd prob be able to intercept an amazing European s
  8. Well if you're expecting rain today then massive amounts of good luck, I've been right in the middle under that colourful blob over peterborough for around half an hour ish and the floor is just kinda looking spotty haha it must be evaporating or something but there wasn't much coming out of it that's for sure
  9. Bloody typical, it dies as it hits peterborough couldn't make it up could ya
  10. Heya sparky hope u get 1 or 2 too milky skies here too but soo soo warm, reminds me of an august afternoon in Florida a couple of years back, can only hope it goes boom later like it did that day x hope your well x
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