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  1. Following some early morning thunder & lightning here in north west Wales - this beaut popped up to the south of us just before sunset this evening!
  2. Nothing much here in Cardiff either - we had a day in June and that's about it!
  3. We're missing all the heavy rain that was in the forecast for Cardiff today. Currently dry, with the occassional spot of rain. Quite gusty though.
  4. Not much of a heatwave here in Cardiff. Overcast and dull. Yesterday was the same, so quite a disappointing week up to now. Let's hope it brightens up this afternoon.
  5. Pretty poor for thunderstorms here in Cardiff over the last couple of days. Miserable this morning, but feeling sultry. The sun is slowly trying to break through now which will hopefully help to fuel some storms later.
  6. This is Mynydd Llandygai which is nearby. Nothing here in Cardiff just cold rain and temperature around 4.5C
  7. Mum reporting heavy snow at Deiniolen, Gwynedd (208m). She was saying they have around 5cm there...
  8. Mum reporting heavy snow from time to time in Deiniolen, North West Wales. Nothing here in Cardiff, dry but cold. We might get some light snow later (darker clouds rolling in from the West) but I don't think we're in for anything special. Temperature at 2C with a dew point of -3.1C
  9. Check this site out - great view of Snowdon here. snowdon.webcam
  10. Ydw tad - Cymraeg iaith gyntaf! Byw yng Nghaerdydd bellach ddo, ond yn methu'r Gogs! Ia gobeithio - Mam sy'n byw yn Neiniolen wedi cynhyrfu'n lan. Neis cwrdd a chdi!
  11. I love Betws y Coed, so beautiful and picturesque. Could be - we're certainly quite close to the sea, and with the height as well we can get some very heavy snowfall and ridiculously strong winds. Well I've learned something today. Siarad Cymraeg?
  12. Is it that low? Wow, I'm from Deiniolen originally which is about 250m and I've always thought of Betws y Coed being higher, colder and snowier!
  13. Another storm forming to the West of Cardiff now, with rumbles of thunder. Doesn't look as potent as the one we've just had but this certainly helps with the dissapointing summer we've had.
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