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  1. Anyone know if roof tiles should make noise in higher gusts? Mine are and getting worried....
  2. Ive seen a little talk that the storm has shifted North a little? Anyone got any facts on this? Im in NE Brighton
  3. I was waiting for the Amber warning...then my phone buzzed. How the hell can something come from Texas and get us here when could have gone anywhere....I need my fence and tiles!
  4. 18z GFS showing strongest winds over SE Coasts on sunday 1800hrs....
  5. Pop Capel Curig (Conwy) in the BBC Weather location and look at Sunday.... ?
  6. BBC going with Stormy from next weekend....dont often do that....anyone got some firm(ish) views on how bad will be from Models....?
  7. Was quite intense in NE Brighton. Local obvs show gusts 66mph. Roof tiles rattling and banging again! ?
  8. Surprised no mention on here of possible 60mph+ gusts in the region for Saturday. Funnily enough BBC Weather are forecasting it but XC Weather...who tend to overcook these things....arent!
  9. Getting 22c here now (21.9c) and I call these sort of mini heatwaves "builders" ...with temps building everyday higher than expected....i reckon we will get 28 / 29c in South East on Saturday....youll see
  10. Indeed...only XC Weather going with stronger gusts at lunchtime today....
  11. Where i was in Eastern Brighton it was the coldest and snowiest Winter I can recall....lasted ages with snowfall into late March. I cant remember the exact date but you are right about a Wednesday. It snowed heavilly here, so much so that our school bus didnt come and we had to get to school "round the long way" I remember the Thursday well as I won the Cross Country Race for the school that day and I remember running in the snow....tricky downhill!
  12. Whole fence panel gone in sudden gust at 845am. Must have been pushing 70mph....
  13. Unusual for the Met O to issue a warning for our region 5 days ahead?? Something theyre not telling us?? XC Weathers predicted gusts arent that exciting...
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