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  1. Getting 22c here now (21.9c) and I call these sort of mini heatwaves "builders" ...with temps building everyday higher than expected....i reckon we will get 28 / 29c in South East on Saturday....youll see
  2. Indeed...only XC Weather going with stronger gusts at lunchtime today....
  3. Where i was in Eastern Brighton it was the coldest and snowiest Winter I can recall....lasted ages with snowfall into late March. I cant remember the exact date but you are right about a Wednesday. It snowed heavilly here, so much so that our school bus didnt come and we had to get to school "round the long way" I remember the Thursday well as I won the Cross Country Race for the school that day and I remember running in the snow....tricky downhill!
  4. Whole fence panel gone in sudden gust at 845am. Must have been pushing 70mph....
  5. Unusual for the Met O to issue a warning for our region 5 days ahead?? Something theyre not telling us?? XC Weathers predicted gusts arent that exciting...
  6. One of the snowfalls in early 2010 was from a westerly front even here in SE...
  7. Want a bit of fun? Look at tonights 18z GFS run for 25th Jan....can u imagine!
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