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  1. There we go ....temp drop from 10c to 2.8c.....also had unusual visitor...bird of prey.....zoom in...
  2. Heaviest Shower here in NE Brighton we've had for quite a few years. Hail and Heavy Rain....think its very local
  3. Don't worry kids....as a member of old Beeb Forum...Met Monkey etc and follower of Weather 40 years+....the patterns are looking good. Same sort of thing as late Jan and Dec 2009 and Dec 2010....Jan 2013. Proper cold/snow is coming...to South East too....just dont keep looking at each run. Towards end next week onwards...youll see. Oh and as for cold fronts....remember in September went from 37c to 0c with snow in one day...wow!
  4. Hey mate! How close are you to the coast? Know Saltdean very very well. Was wild here in Higher Bevendean...but think tiles are still in place.
  5. Whats weird as well...is that we are semi detached and next door are slightly lower than us. I swear we get unusal spin of wind or eddies that are stronger??
  6. Yes......sideways. I was so sure roof or part of it was coming off. You may be experiencing same system now. Any guesses on possible gust speed?
  7. I swear we had something like a down draught or mini tornado in Brighton in last hour. Thought my roof was coming off. Very scary.
  8. 80mph gusts now in Biscay... hold on...its October?? Interesting night incoming??
  9. Ive lived in Brighton all my and noticed the same thing. If ever they say heavy showers from the West...we will often miss them. I believe its something to do with the South Downs.....the showers tend to form above or behind them so often miss the coastal parts. Just my observations... ....just another note...I work in Ringmer near Lewes. We often have showers that form directly above us. While others in say Brighton remain completely dry.
  10. Does anyone know how to get the Met Office Observations to show decimal points and thus the actual temp?? Some interesting readings in Sussex today...but would like to see actual readings rather than rounded up.
  11. Anyone know if roof tiles should make noise in higher gusts? Mine are and getting worried....
  12. Ive seen a little talk that the storm has shifted North a little? Anyone got any facts on this? Im in NE Brighton
  13. I was waiting for the Amber warning...then my phone buzzed. How the hell can something come from Texas and get us here when could have gone anywhere....I need my fence and tiles!
  14. 18z GFS showing strongest winds over SE Coasts on sunday 1800hrs....
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