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  1. Don't have a sledge right now lol may need to get that Trusty bin lid
  2. Sounds good past events have proven pretty good to be fair it's the roads on the way which are a problem lol
  3. Try get a screenshot from it that may work although I'm not sure how to upload photos on here lol
  4. Alright maybe less hahaa what a surprise tho was meant to be light right/sleet wasn't it
  5. I'm guessing your race hill way? I'm at the very highest in hangleton just of the downs not sure about height to be honest fingers crossed tho those dp's start dropping
  6. Very weird situation atm for 1min just had rain with big flakes involved look away then look back an it's all stopped :S would like to know my dew point etc anyone able to help on this one???
  7. I'm at the top of hangleton by the downs an the rain you just had we'll I had a few flakes mixed in not a clue wat the asl is but it's now just horrible drizzle lol
  8. It will sure feel like it wen/if you do pop your head out the door at midnight we just need that colder air to hurry it's self up an get those temperatures down dp's are slowly making there way down so let's just keep our fingers crossed!! even if it dosent lay which I presume it won't it will be a treat for what's to come if the models are to be believed. Happy lamp post watching an may this be the start of the so called cold hearted winter ))
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