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  1. Does anyone on here have experience of studying meteorology as a mature student? I have recently talked to professors at UEA, Reading and Birmingham in the hope that face-to-face contact may help my case but to no avail. Although my postgrad background is not scientific I did study chemistry and mathematics at A-level in the early 1990s. I understand that my options are to retake my A-levels in more relavant disciplines and improve my grades or study for an Open University degree in physics, something that will take years to do and cost a fortune, two things I don't have in abundance. Much of my experience of meteorology has been self taught - I would just like now to give my knowledge an academic structure. A want to study the weather but one that could lead to a career change, even at this relatively late stage in life. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  2. I managed to save most of the final run of the old 27km res GFS last night. Pretty much every kind of weather on there. Our old friend clearly up to its old tricks and going out with a bang. http://wp.me/p2VSmb-xP
  3. This day 201 years ago saw "deep snow brought by an easterly wind" according to Luke Howard's diary. The winter of 1813-14 had started mild but suddenly turned cold on Boxing Day and was just starting to tighten its grip. It brought the last Thames Frost Fair and statistically looks very similar to the winter of 1962-63. You wonder if we'll ever see another winter like it. A similar scenario looks a long way off looking at the models this morning. I wrote a blog on the winter of 1813-14 last year http://wansteadmeteo.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/200-years-ago-the-last-thames-frost-fair/
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