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  1. I feel your pain as i think it may just happen this time even here in marazion.
  2. Yeah a couple were sent to intercept Russian aircraft.(sorry i just had to)
  3. Marazion is about as far southwest as you can get.always gets the wind,but rarely the snow.
  4. Oh why oh why can't we down in marazion be in the pink for once.
  5. Yes albeit with west cornwall on board too would be nice.
  6. Off topic but have just notice 154 mph gust in farnborough?is this correct on xc weather?
  7. Im not gonna get too hung up on these snow charts.Yesterday it had us under snow all day for friday...now its borderline or maybe miss us...im sure it will change again.
  8. OOOh 528 line clears south coast...fingers crossed for us here in Marazion then.
  9. A lot can change between now and then.could be better,or could be worse
  10. Ultimately no one will know until the day itself whatever is thrown at us. No one is right or wrong! Let's all get along and enjoy this roller coaster ride I'm as hopeful as the next person for some marazion starved snow.
  11. Slightly of topic and not stating the bleeding obvious,but I've noticed a certain tabloid is trying to derail our chances of snow with Armageddon headlines.why do they do this...
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