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  1. Theres 524 miles between east lothian in Scotland and the channel islands yet the are in the same place on the league table for minimum temps! Just goes to show that weather can be strange, intriguing, unexpected and down right impossible sometimes.
  2. Steep learning curve, one for the notebook sir! cheers
  3. just checked the tide times for thursdays impending doom and thankfully we are only on a quarter moon by then, meaning tides are down 1m from a full moon. The predicted <960mb would have caused a half meter rise in sea level, thankfully it looks like any storm surge will have less impact. Thats leith on the firth of forth tides only folks
  4. No wind speed data is frustrating! would have made very interesting viewing
  5. Long way to go but I see the pattern developing towards a sting jet? "Most damaging winds will be emanating from the evaporating tip of the hooked cloud head".(WIKI) Latest firth of forth wind speeds picking up somewhat...
  6. The 00z GFS run showing no signs of weakning the storm. Meto need to get the red warnings out very soon for most of scotland by the look of this. Early morning travel should be avoided, the track has strengthened southward 18z run..... 00z run....... Take cover! Incoming!
  7. Not a patch on what the West are experiencing but fairly strong wind speeds and some strong gusts experienced in the firth of forth over the last few hours.
  8. You guys are probably already familiar with this website but thought I would post a link Incase some are not. Good real time weather from the various weather stations http://www.mmweather.net/page/maps?regionid=7 I work at Braefootbay and use this to determine shipping berths, cancelations etc. Most of the weather stations are in exposed areas so will show the true extent of the upcoming storms.
  9. My first post on here and would like to wish you all a merry christmas. Been watching with a keen eye trying to learn was much as possible for the last Month. Love the banter, disagreements and technical speak. You guys rock Hopefully as next year progresses and I learn more I will be able to join in!
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