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  1. Rayleigh usually does OK from the Thames Streamers too here's hoping! ?
  2. I make that 8 hours of persistent snow here in Rayleigh, Essex now - incredible and it's getting heavier again! Currently 5cm has settled
  3. there was a very localised downpour that affected Hockley and Hawkwell as I drove through about 1.30 but Rayleigh was dry! Dinner outside tonight which is always good :-)
  4. 10.8mm in Rayleigh since 7pm and more to come - always amazes me how Essex develops a North / South split with its weather. Still remember the insane 100mm we had in 24 hours last August whilst Witham, Colchester etc remained almost bone dry!
  5. It's not an Oregon William, unless they build them for Watson.. Also Shoeburyness officially recorded 59.2 but BBC forecaster said on Breakfast news he expected some nearby towns got much more than that.. Only 3mm was added overnight which sounds about correct.
  6. Just had to take this for posterity! Still a number of roads flooded in the Rayleigh/Hockley area this morning
  7. Can't sleep because of more heavy rain - weather station up to 100.8mm in last 24h.
  8. Finally stopped in Rayleigh at 98.1mm - will be interesting to see the official totals tomorrow!
  9. Just shows how intense and narrow the torrential band was at lunchtime http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-23826691
  10. 95.7mm on my station and its getting heavier again - lots of reports on Rayleigh facebook groups about houses along London Road and Downhall Park Way in Rayleigh being flooded and roads breaking up. Seems Rayleigh and Hockley have been worst hit.
  11. Doesn't surprise me - used to live near that bridge and have never seen it that bad.. My station has recorded 92.4mm so far and looking at some of the pictures coming in a few miles east/west of Rayleigh I don't think its far off.. We've been stuck under the main intense zone from around midday and it hasn't stopped at all.
  12. Just got this through from a friend - shows the bridge in Hockley under water! Easing a little - but now up to 87.3mm
  13. Yes William - now up to 86.4mm here since midnight.. We had 3mm when I got up at 7am but it's been torrential all afternoon. Southend and surrounding areas a no-go zone. Look at bbc.co.uk/travelnews/Essex to see what I mean. Not bad for the driest area of the UK!
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