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  1. What a disgusting summer once again in Central Europe. Not to mention it began in April. Trees are still dying from 2015 drought and this will be another nail in the coffin for the already decimated forests. Groundwater levels are falling quickly and there are already talks of butchering livestock because there is no feed for them. The next week will be lovely with max. temps reaching 35-37C. Extreme drought for three years in a row, ugh.
  2. daz_4

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Drought is ridiculous here. Summer started in April and no change in weather pattern since then. It's mind-boggling.
  3. It's already pretty bad here in Central Europe. One warm extreme after another. There was no spring this year, just straight to the summer. Rain has become a rare sight and we are again suffering from extreme drought. The next two weeks will be crucial. We need change soon otherwise there will be no harvest. Unfortunately the forecast is absolutely disheartening. And it is really sad to see our forests quickly dying. This country will definitely look different very soon.
  4. Well, still no rain in Central Europe. April will be at least 6-7C above average.
  5. Disastrous outlook for Central Europe. Dry winter followed by dry spring. Daily averages already at summer levels on some days and dry as hell. Half the country heading to extreme drought and it's only April. Fun!
  6. ECM has max. temperature of -9C for my location on Sunday with windchill of -20C and heavy snow. Thanks but no thanks. I'm in spring mode already
  7. I wasn't expecting models to be so unified but if the low really gets stuck west of Alps and then heads north than it is a matter of day or two before the cold air is blown away. I experienced jumps from arctic days to 10C in 24 hours so I know cold air can be shifted pretty easily if the conditions are right.
  8. Hydrometeorological institutes in Central Europe already issuing warnings for extreme cold. Big chance of arctic days in the coming week. The beast is already roaring outside with bitter wind and heavy snow showers.
  9. The beast has arrived. -8.8C and light snow showers.
  10. Can ICON be correct please? I know it won't be because we central europeans cannot have nice things
  11. GFS blows the cold air away because of that low while ECM handles it differently and keeps the cold air in place. Who will win?
  12. Should have worded it better, sorry for that. Just something to look out for. Of course it is nice that bitter cold is in reliable timeframe and warm weather in FI. Doesn't happen often.
  13. GFS played with this a lot yesterday and GEFS have a clear trend right now (at least for Central Europe). So it is definitely one of the possibilities
  14. Not a good trend for the beginning of March if you want prolonged cold spell. I guess ECM op is on the same page as GEFS. There could be some wild swings in temperatures for Europe next week.
  15. GFS just blows it up after 190 hours GEM is more to my liking right now.