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  1. Yep, still here Not near but in now as I moved to Ostrava two years ago. 10pm and the temp outside is still at 26C. Ugh.
  2. It's 15th June and I'm already fed up with this summer. Can't stand the disgusting heat with no reprieve. Another year where it feels like I live in south Italy. Mindblowing how quickly has climate changed here in the past decade.
  3. I'm afraid you are correct. We are already struggling in Central Europe - forests dying at large, harvest problems etc.. The last four years have been horrible with drought and it's getting worse and worse. No rain in sight. Just sun and warmth.
  4. I'm wondering how many years will it take before Central Europe turns into a desert. Disastrous "spring" again, back to extreme drought and it's only April. Another six month long summer may begin I guess.
  5. Hoping ECM is off the mark with the cold air being that far west next week. I'm flying to Barcelona and don't need any funny business from winter now, heh.
  6. Well, looks like winter is on hold...
  7. Will be windy and quite warm all over the country this week. Looks like winter should be back on Saturday but lot of uncertainty about how cold it will be.
  8. GFS op went a little bit crazy for Central Europe. Other then that, GEFS are not really amazing for my location.
  9. I just can't get excited at the moment. GEFS mean stuck at -5 for Central Europe which means no winter down here. At least mountains are safe so there's that. Little bit frustrating that we are stuck in no man's land in the middle of the winter.
  10. I don't think that's true. Anyway, GEFS slightly better but it will be a long countdown to 20th.
  11. Nice pictures though most are from mountainous regions. I noticed in mod thread that some think Europe is in the freezer but we definitely are not. It has been struggle to get ice days even here in Central Europe. These cold snaps last two days at max and while the uppers may look impressive, surface conditions often are not. You get snow one day, heavy rain the next. But yeah, there really is lots of snow in mountains, pretty much the only positive this winter has so far.
  12. Finally a white Christmas and it's still snowing. It will melt tomorrow but it was white when it counted
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