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  1. Not that pronounced this year but it's true for CE. We had the warmest summer on record (beating Summer 2018).
  2. Another year has passed and it is still the same old story, isn't it jules? The switch has been flipped in April 2013 and we have been stuck since then.
  3. Central Europe will turn into steppe in ten years if things continue on current pace. It's scary how quickly things are progressing and the way records are broken is mindblowing. June was another sobering reminder of that.
  4. Well, you could say UK has been lucky/unlucky. Those records from 2003 are being overwritten all the time here in Central Europe these past few summers. June 03 was the warmest June on record until now. June 19 beat it by 1,3 °C.
  5. So June ended. What a disgusting month. 5C above average. Autumn can't come soon enough.
  6. Finally! Everything is scorched here. Just hope there is rain coming. Have to correct you though, May was actually one of the very rare below average months in Central Europe (more than 2C below average). June on the other hand will probably be the warmest on record.
  7. We'll be saved from the worst here in the east thankfully though I still think western part of the Czech rep. will come close to 40C. France will probably break a lot of records.
  8. I guess Prague was lucky with storms. Always a lottery in summer. Next week looks horrible, especially if ECM has it right. 40C in June is unheard of.
  9. Jesus, the next week will be hell on earth in Europe. We are on track to have the warmest June since the measurements began 244 years ago.
  10. Yep, still here Not near but in now as I moved to Ostrava two years ago. 10pm and the temp outside is still at 26C. Ugh.
  11. It's 15th June and I'm already fed up with this summer. Can't stand the disgusting heat with no reprieve. Another year where it feels like I live in south Italy. Mindblowing how quickly has climate changed here in the past decade.
  12. I'm afraid you are correct. We are already struggling in Central Europe - forests dying at large, harvest problems etc.. The last four years have been horrible with drought and it's getting worse and worse. No rain in sight. Just sun and warmth.
  13. I'm wondering how many years will it take before Central Europe turns into a desert. Disastrous "spring" again, back to extreme drought and it's only April. Another six month long summer may begin I guess.
  14. Hoping ECM is off the mark with the cold air being that far west next week. I'm flying to Barcelona and don't need any funny business from winter now, heh.
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