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  1. This April is on track to be the coldest in 80 years in the Czech Republic. Disgusting.
  2. Getting really annoying now. Another dumping of snow coming next week. Hate this.
  3. Winter just keeps biting this year. Crazy dumping yesterday even in lowlands.
  4. Well, it's -6,5C and it just started to rain. Feels like someone throwing stones at my windows. This is gonna be bad.
  5. Have orange snow today in my city thanks to that Saharan dust.
  6. I'm cringing looking at that. This was ECM in the morning for my city. This one probably won't be different.
  7. Damn, looks like we are going into the freezer after all. This looks very unpleasant. I better order warmer gloves.
  8. Pretty fascinating stuff coming up. The line between cold and warm air will be hanging above my head. Surface cold will arrive as soon as tomorrow evening from NE. Local model is showing potentially disruptive event for Sunday with max. temp of -5 and rain for my city! Not really something you want in the middle of pandemic. And the forecast for Monday is also fascinating. Max. temp of -8 in the north to +2 in the south.
  9. As a central european I give up. GEFS now flipped to mild completely in the next 7 days. 0z vs 6z
  10. Wondering how this will shake up in our neck of the woods. GEFS are pretty crazy from day 5 but this is probably the last chance for something significant here. If this fails I'm ready for spring.
  11. Well the pressure anomaly is way off but in the end it is pretty spot on temp wise so far for most of the Europe. UK got pretty lucky in December with that pattern but let's not kid ourselves, this winter has been very poor so far.
  12. Ridiculous temps here. If someone told me it's end of March I would believe him. Snow will be completely gone even from higher grounds.
  13. Not really that surprising after two months of great NH pattern which delivered almost nothing in Europe (unless you live in Madrid). Not much to hunt at the moment. Cold air is blown away from Europe and GEFS are mild apart from an odd run like control from this morning. All we have are signals for February which let's be honest probably won't deliver anyway 😃
  14. With GEFS trending milder and milder I'm afraid this is it for January. By middle of the next week all cold air will be gone from Central Europe and we will be back fighting for scraps. This week delivered more for me than the last two winters combined but the bar is really low in that regards.
  15. We are in the middle of a painful remainder of how winters in Central Europe should look like. First proper cold spell in three years. 15 cm of powder in the middle of my city. It has been snowing since Tuesday. Monday morning will be very cold here in eastern part of Czechia. And then it will be all blown away in matter of hours. Not sure what magical flip are some expecting. Models are trending milder and milder, January is a closed case.
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