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  1. Should have worded it better, sorry for that. Just something to look out for. Of course it is nice that bitter cold is in reliable timeframe and warm weather in FI. Doesn't happen often.
  2. GFS played with this a lot yesterday and GEFS have a clear trend right now (at least for Central Europe). So it is definitely one of the possibilities
  3. Not a good trend for the beginning of March if you want prolonged cold spell. I guess ECM op is on the same page as GEFS. There could be some wild swings in temperatures for Europe next week.
  4. GFS just blows it up after 190 hours GEM is more to my liking right now.
  5. Obviously FI, but hopefully GFS won't verify. Cold air gone before you know it. ECM seems much better for something more long lasting.
  6. Don't like FI on this run. That would mean spring for Central Europe and I can't allow that Cold air is blasted away too fast
  7. Looking at ECM today brought up memories of February 2012. 2018 It will be interesting to see what max temps will be if this verifies.
  8. I'm conflicted. This would be impressive but also dry as bone.
  9. I don't think we needed SSW for this
  10. GFS downgrading to hell and beyond. 4 days ago Now Does anyone still believe that models will magically flip to cold?
  11. Sure, ECM is better, but ground conditions on the latest run are not wintry at all. It seems to me that any noteworthy cold is at least 12 days away. If it even comes.
  12. Nice GFS with easterly sweeping through Europe and reload at the end.
  13. I find this upcoming cold spell quite underwhelming. The cold pool over Europe will not be as strong as previously advertised by models and the slack flow won't really do much - grey, dull weather. Hopefully few days without above freezing temps are on the cards but snow will be scarce (I guess you guys in UK will see much more of it). Still a nice change since February was mostly a spring month these past few years.
  14. I was trying to find a poetic way to describe this winter and I've come up with "absolutely disgusting piece of sh*t." The weather has changed and I guess I can't really expect much with Central Europe quickly moving towards mediterranean climate.