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  1. daz_4

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    Will be windy and quite warm all over the country this week. Looks like winter should be back on Saturday but lot of uncertainty about how cold it will be.
  2. GFS op went a little bit crazy for Central Europe. Other then that, GEFS are not really amazing for my location.
  3. I just can't get excited at the moment. GEFS mean stuck at -5 for Central Europe which means no winter down here. At least mountains are safe so there's that. Little bit frustrating that we are stuck in no man's land in the middle of the winter.
  4. I don't think that's true. Anyway, GEFS slightly better but it will be a long countdown to 20th.
  5. Nice pictures though most are from mountainous regions. I noticed in mod thread that some think Europe is in the freezer but we definitely are not. It has been struggle to get ice days even here in Central Europe. These cold snaps last two days at max and while the uppers may look impressive, surface conditions often are not. You get snow one day, heavy rain the next. But yeah, there really is lots of snow in mountains, pretty much the only positive this winter has so far.
  6. daz_4

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    Welcome, stainesbloke!
  7. daz_4

    Weather in Poland

    Finally a white Christmas and it's still snowing. It will melt tomorrow but it was white when it counted
  8. daz_4

    Weather in Poland

    Well, looks like coming Christmas will be one of the coldest in a decade. Maybe even dusting in the evening if we get really lucky. Some bitter runs are creeping in in FI. Would be nice if GFS op stopped with those mild runs.
  9. daz_4

    Winter 2018/19

    Lucky! No snow cover in my city in December and it will probably remain like that.
  10. daz_4

    Winter 2018/19

    Czech meteorological institute published a graph of average temps at Christmas day in my country. It speaks for itself.
  11. daz_4

    Weather in Poland

    I'm not even mad. Exactly what I expected. Czech meteorological institute published a graph with average temps at Christmas day in my country. White Christmas is a thing of the past here.
  12. Well, certainly not what I wanted to see. Strong SW winds exactly on Christmas day from ECM and GFS this morning. Fascinating how it happens almost every year in Central Europe. Hoping for a change.
  13. FV3 Para sure is nice. Rebuilds the block to our NE around 20th while the strat is being toasted.