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  1. ECM once again finds the way to put the high in the most inconvenient position possible, haha.
  2. ECM and GFS just don't want to back down it seems. Still no agreement.
  3. GEM is definitely what I would like to see. Low pressure over SE Europe is crucial for this evolution I think.
  4. ICON 12z is closer to ECM. The high drifts to SE and blocks the cold air.
  5. Great 6z from Para as well. Block west of UK in FI and widespread cold over the continent and it ends like this.
  6. IMO the main question if the pressure drops enough over southern Europe. This would slow down the whole pattern, the low would track NE, keeping the cold air over Europe and preventing the high from sinking. If not, the high drifts SE and Europe would end up under inversion.
  7. daz_4

    Weather in Poland

    Dream synoptics for Central Europe from GFS para.
  8. daz_4

    Weather in Poland

    Oh boy, the model thread already in complete chaos, haha. It's like people don't realize it's 13th of November. That 12z run from GFS is exactly what we need. Borderline at times for my location but lots of rain/snow.
  9. daz_4

    Weather in Poland

    It could also be a near miss if the cold air heads to SE Europe but finally some seasonal weather on the way. Two more warm days ahead of us and then surface cold will start to dig in on Wednesday.
  10. The question is where exactly will that initial weak easterly go. ECM and GFS para push the cold air to SE Europe.
  11. Wow, 6z is one ugly run. Will be interesting to see ensembles.
  12. Definitely better set of ensembles for Central Europe this morning. Yesterday 6z Now Hopefully we will get something at least seasonal next week.