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  1. Snow looks like its drifting over 10cm in places and in other places 2-5 very small flakes not like the snow on boxing day.
  2. Winds really got up were they supposed to?
  3. Light snow in Hartington Peak District winds also picked up?
  4. Where are these warnings not even for the peaks? Find it strange not even to have a yellow out yet? I know it difficult to predict but comon!
  5. Yep I missed out too the showers were more Buxton way driving home from work last night from a few cm in Buxton to nothing near me oh well here's hoping we get something Tues/Weds
  6. Now heavy with a dusting on surfaces. Wasn't expecting showers till this afternoon!
  7. Just had a brief snow shower big flakes but then turned light again.
  8. Just taken sum pics in garden ... Also just had a power cut
  9. Moderate/heavy snow in Hartington Peak District.
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