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  1. I return from my hibernation! 10 degrees now in Toulouse. That's different from our last week and its snowmen in the gardens. The snow remainded during one week and it's so incredible for a city like Toulouse (south of France). It's the biggest episode of snow since 1992 with 10 cm on the ground observed by the Blagnac airport and probably more (15 cm) in the suburb and countryside! I don't know if I need to say that the road network was completely blocked because the snow occured during the rush hour morning! So funny...
  2. Let me introduce this topic : "General Winter" has not happened yet. We have to call it. That's why, I suggest you to post in this thread some maps to remind the Big cold waves that we could live during the last decades. Where I live, in France, THE reference is on february 1956. So, what's the next ? It's your turn and create aspirations!
  3. It was difficult against Glasgow but it's done, we won. Toulouse 19 - 11 Glasgow. Glasgow was a serious opponent especially during the first 20 minutes. But their lack of self-discipline , the french pragmatism, despite some actions missed, allowed to keep the score all the party. Revenge for the next week!
  4. Hi Mike! We could see these videos at the first national TV channel during the news at Thursday. It's really impressive these high temperatures in the totality of our country like in the heatwave of 2003. You're right frozencanals to highlight the minimal temperature this morning in the west of France. It's not every day we can observe this distribution of temperature...But, an extraordinary fact it's that in some cities, these frostes are the first or second of 2014! I remind you about our winter 2013-2014 are particulary sweat in France. Without surprise, these temperatures are often the minimal temperature of 2014. Have a nice end of day.
  5. Hi guys! On the GFS 12z, we can see an amplification of Atlantic ridge. On the tropopause parameter, the circulation is really wavy with a succession of high and low tropopause anomalies. Unfortunately, neiher Greenland nor Scandinavia will observe some blockage of their circulation. It means that the zonal global circulation will continue for a few days and the succession of anomalies respectively high and low will continue too. Let's go anomalies! Push northward one and for all please. Our winter is coming back and we don't want to let it past this year unlike last year! (You can excuse my bad english thanks, I'm a french guy).
  6. "If the storm takes the track into the Philippines, the impacts will be potentially very severe with widespread flooding, damaging winds, mudslides, storm surge and pounding surf," stated AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani.
  7. I'm sure now! We will undergo a same thing this year! (I hope so strongly...) Or another solution can satisfy my thirst of winter weather : A big high pressure on France after an cold southward allowing the installatin of freezing fog!
  8. You speak french like a Spanish cow, but a cow which speak french very well then! I tried to send a message last night but I used my Ipad and it didn't want... Mike, I remember this incredible day 6th and 7th March 2010. We measured 8 cm at the Blagnac airport in Toulouse and temperature didn't exceed -1°C all day... Far far away of this amazing day, I want to build on the Blessed Weather's idea. The ten last days of november was completely crazy thanks to this southerly wind. At Blagnac, we have : Tnm : 13.8°, so +8.0° ! ( if we use the monthly mean) Txm : 18.1°, so +4.8° Tm : 16.0°, so +6.4° ! For two days, we have been frozen with 4-5°C all the time. I'm wainting snow...soon!
  9. I'm getting the impression that we go towards a change of our synoptic...slowly but surely. We can just observe the evolution of the anomaly's temperature : dipoles will inverse during the next days.
  10. I'm agree with you Mike...Micro climate can exist anywhere and France too. Next step after the floodings, the first snow flakes in the North and North-east, Wednesday. The temperature dropped 10 degrees at Toulouse. 18°C saturday, and only 8°C now. Winter comes back... Have you observe any snow flakes in Great Britain since the start of the season ?
  11. 25...it´s the difference of temperature in degrees between two french towns this afternoon : Ajaccio with 26 degrees thanks to the Sirocco wind and Langres with 1 degree under the fog. Winter and summer clashed today ! And then...there are already these floodings in the south of France. Red warming that is to say the maximal warming for the Roussillon's waterways.
  12. Thanks for your warm welcome ! Clearly, my message posted yesterday has bring bad lucky...22-25 against Grenoble and 3 injured players : MacAlister, Flood (a country child), Harinordoquy. Bad point !!
  13. Hey guys! I live in Toulouse (France) so my english isn't perfect. You probably know that Toulouse is a Rugby town and I'm a passionate. I think so we are in a general rugby topic and we can discuss of European Rugby Champions Cup and not only your national league ? To sum up, Toulouse has had a bad start season in our national sporting competition (Top14) because of many good players were injured. Obviously, the situation is clearly better and we hope to win our sixth match a row against Grenoble tonight. Stay tuned or watch this space (I don't know the equivalent in English for the expression "Affaire à suivre!")...
  14. I'm glad to see this topic interested a few persons and I hope so it will allow to improve my english level. I'm waiting impatiently the rest of your stories ! Yesterday, temperature reached 20.3°C in Toulouse, that is to say 9°C above seasonal normal. Now, we can feel a mild wind blowing at 80 km/h, quite strange to two days of december. Moreover, we can't miss out on the tornado which caused Friday a lot of damages at Sérignan in Hérault, located at only 25 km to Capestang. Next warming is for Aude and Pyrénées Orientales departments. During the next three days, forecasting models predict until 200 mm.
  15. Thank you Mike. The climate at Capestang must be radically different than in England. You spend 3 months a year but do you go over there during the summer season or humid season ? About Capestang and a part of South of France, the weather is currently bad. Locally, rainfall intensity approaches 150 mm/h and it could be that the situation get worse during the next days on the mediterranean coast. In Toulouse, temperature is 16°C early in the morning thanks to the wind which blow from the mediterranean sea. Have a nice day.
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