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  1. Netweather radar has snow stalling over river Severn. Just come north west a bit please so we can have a snow day
  2. I’m stocking up on Toblerone & Ale. This is going to cold enough for a spontaneous Mammoth outbreak.
  3. I’m in the Forest of Dean so don’t know which regional thread to check! I think we will be okay with next weeks cold spell. Just need a lovely channel low to dump all over the south east of wales
  4. I’ve hust scuppered any cold outbreak by telling my family we will be snowed in for weeks. Will I ever learn?
  5. So this week seems to have confused everyone? Where are we at? Im following closely but too many contradictory posts.
  6. Looking at the charts to the I don’t think you can trust them with such a strong SSW creating model mayhem. Stick with the trusted posters on here. I agree if you aren’t going to add to he debate just don’t post. Keep it constructive.
  7. Can someone post some charts please. Lots of one line comments and none the wiser.
  8. We have been here many times before! Good luck with this Easterly, I’ve got a good feeling about this winter. It’s been dire for cold lovers over the last few years. Let’s get that undercut. Love the post Steve Murr, Nick & Nick. Keep up the good work - it’s gonna be a rollercoaster.
  9. We haven't seen many Greenland highs in the last few years. Not what I've seen in here checking in most days. My question is will it being a more N N/E component to our weather. Never very good for SW I imagine.
  10. Is the track of Saturdays storm good going forward for the block and our chances of cold?
  11. Raining in the Forest of Dean, lets hope we can drag in some cold air sooner rather than later and get some white stuff here on the hill.
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