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  1. 55mph gusts in East Midlands today, supposedly faster tomorrow.

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    2. lassie23


      next week even stronger

    3. Mark Bayley

      Mark Bayley

      Not far from me BWR

    4. tinybill


      low now 935 get for the bomb!!

  2. I'm hoping to storm chase with my dad in the summer, and I would like to measure wind speeds, temperatures, pressure drops and rain, but we won't have the space for a laptop, so I need to know if there are any apps that I can use to monitor and record my weather station. The equipment is listed below: Acer Iconia one 7 tablet, An OTG cable for connecting usb things to my tablet, the weather station is one from maplins, a £50 one, Any and all help appreciated, See you UK fellas round the storms in summer.
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