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  1. A good lot of photos here! Some were hard to choose between!
  2. I'll let John know, Mike! You might want to Facebook him
  3. Mr Finney just booked two spaces on Tour 4, for himself and I. In his haste, he forgot to click the discount box for returning guests. Can this be noted down please?
  4. To storm chase next year or not...?

    1. cheeky_monkey
    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Hello Ash! Yes, that is not a question that needs asking and you know it :p

    3. Dami


      why wouldn't you want too?

  5. Tour 2 is nearly upon us! Going State side!

    1. Paul


      Hope you have a great time Ashleigh.

  6. Ashleigh Parker


    That woman is vile (KH)... I recently flew back from Africa to Heathrow, no questions were asked really. Funny, seeing as when I arrived in South Africa, we had to fill in a whole questionnaire.
  7. Where's the snow?

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    2. lassie23


      Has Santa had a nervous breakdown yet?

    3. IanR


      its coming in january, just a gut feeling this year

    4. Ashleigh Parker

      Ashleigh Parker

      I'm not a fan of this grey, dreary stuff! Be nice to see some though.

  8. Hi, I'm Ashleigh. I am also going on Tour 2 from Heathrow. Just wondered if you booked flights yet?

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    2. Ben Passmore

      Ben Passmore

      Yeah I noticed the change in flight tikes. May work to our advantage. My dogtag ins was about £80. Make sure you get the right package, I think its sport plus as it covers storm chasing. Have a look on their website. I need to start looking for a half decent camera soon, maybe best to wait until the Jan sales!

    3. Ashleigh Parker

      Ashleigh Parker

      Sorted with insurance. Thanks for mentioning them. Jan sales may not be a bad idea. I have a bridge camera - haven't really used it for weather as much, mainly wildlife. So, I'm going to give it a whirl. I'm not an expert when it comes to cameras, but this one takes some great photos.

    4. Ben Passmore

      Ben Passmore

      Hi, a fellow tour 2er has created a WhatsApp group for people going on tour 2 and on our ba flight. If you're interested in speaking to others before we meet a lhr, send me your mob number and I'll ask them to add you. Ben

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