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  1. A good lot of photos here! Some were hard to choose between!
  2. I'll let John know, Mike! You might want to Facebook him
  3. I'm in the process of receiving 600 Euros for a cancelled flight. Cannot remember how far back you can claim from, but under EU law, if you were delayed leaving or going to an EU country over 4 hours you can get up to so much, and up to 600 Euros if delayed for more than 8 hours. Deffo worth it!
  4. 31st May 2016, all eyes on the approaching dust storm!
  5. Here's one from 30th May 2016, evening thunderstorm near Channing, Texas.
  6. Tour 3 might as well have a competition thread too. Especially those of you that managed to capture lightning...
  7. Can you send us that pic please?
  8. Mr Finney just booked two spaces on Tour 4, for himself and I. In his haste, he forgot to click the discount box for returning guests. Can this be noted down please?
  9. A couple of us are flying out on 27th May. Flight number : BA1504.
  10. Don't worry. I was the one that tagged along last year after arriving on arrival day, only missed a close lightning strike.
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