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  1. So the models for the past week that have been widely discussed on this thread have suggested a snow event in the south albeit marginal at times and also caution south coast for rain/sleet. From 18:00 it has been dumping snow in the west IOW with a continued forecast for rain until the early hours! I guess this evidences the immaturity of weather predictions within the immediate time frame of a potential event? I gain more informed forecasting from the well known frequent visitors of this forum than elsewhere
  2. Steve there Seems to be a potent storm tracking south on Sunday which is the dominant subject on the model thread - I recall similar lows taking a southerly track during our colder winters and causing problems as they stalled? And hung about for a bit. They should suck a load of cold air with them too. Any thoughts?
  3. Ps a dusting of snow on the Isle of Wight this morning.. Sorry mods if I'm posting in wrong thread.
  4. Hi folks, am I going totally mad or were/are our professional weather gurus who everyone seems to worship on the mod thread predicting a cold March?and from the middle of the month increasingly colder?? Now looking very much above average from 10 days -!?! All the technology/MONEY chucked into these predictions is worrying... Anyway here's to a bit of spot of warm spring weather.
  5. Stick to models please I won't ask agai!!... Cat walk.. More model discussion in here that the mod thread!! Any way, big swings in models daily.. Hope we get a big swing in the cold direction within the next few days or I will start planting the spuds and right off this winter... SSW nope, Blocking Nope, did we hear all this last year ? YES!
  6. i predict an early spring - 4 weeks of proper winter left, anything cold beyond mid Feb won't deliver down south... Happy Days as the days draw out again..
  7. haha! I think the far superior would have somethings to say
  8. just a waiting game now, logging off till Sunday when hopefully things will have swung back in favour, razor blades out in model thread!!?? Bonkers Fickle Bunch
  9. Thanks Deep Snow I will try and reference with some charts next time - when I have worked out how to do it.!! Tutorials anyone!?
  10. It will only be serious if we don't get snow on the IOW!!! Lol i commented on the models today with a bit of Hope it's like 2010 mixed in! As you say DSP stuck up. Whats ya feelings for snow in Hampshire?
  11. Christ they get tetchy on the mod thread if you dare post something they don't like!! Bit tooooo serious really!!
  12. Never seen such agreement across the board from all the big players! The forum is going mad I can't keep up with the posts:) we are nailed on for a cold spell aren't we surely based on what the models are chucking out.. As a previous post said - get the cold entrenched 1st then battle royal arrives. I was in Barcelona one year in the 90s when it snowed and it looks like the cold will dig that far south again too. Love it!
  13. Momentum seems to have built from a few days ago, cold looks to be upon us from early next week. Noticeable temperature change down here already, nice to see day time single figures but want daytime low single figures next week please!? If 850s are -10 then that will mean very low daytime temps. The ground is still warm so a week or so of cold followed by some battle ground action through the channel would be spot on.
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