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  1. Any of you clever peeps that follow the forecast - do you reckon it's likely that Sunderland will be hit with a a storm tonight ? Only asking as I have my youngest daughter and her friends wishing to camp out in the back garden this evening, I don't want to be the party- pooper - so to speak ?
  2. Currently hearing a few rumbles in sunderland the air smells fresh with rain
  3. I was looking for info about lightening and the camping out risk (my son is a scout leader) and he will camping out for a few days ... well I know you have more chance of winning the lottery jackpot than being struck! Well, I come across informative this pdf article 'Lightning Risk Management' (attached). It a interesting read for for the less informed ( learners like myself ) - so apologies to more knowledgeable or if it has been posted before! Lightning-Risk-Management.pdf
  4. thanks for the explanations ?
  5. Hiya, I was checking the weather forecast today and I noticed semi circular map of rain of German coast - wondered if it's a technical glitch or a weather anomaly ?
  6. Hi mate, yes, couldn't write the script. Change of plan, no trains Uday and only road route was via Glasgow. Couldn't justify the journey, especially when , due to the lack of trains, I would have to do the same journey tomorrow to collect them. So change of plan, up at 5 this morning to check status, couple of roads open, left at 6.15, A1, A167 at North but ran into a couple of fresh blockages, eventually got across to Berwick and away up, arrived Edinburgh 10.45. Gotta laugh, the A1 Alnwick was then immediately reopened and I came home that way, to find out the bloody trains have started running a restricted service, couldn't bloody write it!

    Tell you what, saw some fantastic snowy scenes, drifting to:15-20 ft, v dangerous. Mi

    1. Mercury Rising

      Mercury Rising

      sods law lol ...at least it was scenic, well done! glad you managed it :D 

  7. Good luck with the journey mate, I'm supposed to be in Morpeth @8pm tonight and I'd be only driving from Sunderland, I'm quite reluctant to make journey out there (and back later after 11pm ish ) considering the amber warnings and all the amount of accidents and breakdowns over the past couple of days ...
  8. gas supplies warning given http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43229297
  9. The Sunderland council website is poor when trying to find out if schools are are closed, I eventually found via https://www.sun-fm.com/schools/school-closures/ if anyone needs an update - I'm surprised that many more are still reported as open, noticed GoNortheast buses have cancelled services too - not much snow fell over Sunderland, (well not where I'm situated ) over night
  10. I been checking quite often on accuweather to see when the snow is heaviest over Sunderland ... I reckon it's confusing the stars for snow not much happening here
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