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  1. agreed there's time for it to recover, but rate and extent of recovery will be dependent upon lower strat temp also going into winter? which may be influenced by Hurricane activity - i.e. deposition of above ave temp air into the higher latitudes? So maybe we need a few Norhbound hurricanes to perpetuate things...or maybe not!
  2. Any chance we could update the title? I get it that we might want to just let the thread run for historic purposes!
  3. Crikey, I may live in the frozen and drenched lake district but I've got a fair tan on my arms, face etc. Been an ok summer, was v dry April may and june, indeed we were looking at a fish rescue on a trout fishery I help manage... Only last few weeks has it gone downhill, so for us up here, not so bad!
  4. Aye but tell you what, if it's a nice day tomorrow ill take a pic from my bedroom window! Yes we get rain, shed loads of it, keeps the lakes and tarns full and the trees lush! It's not that bad climate wise, and there's 20 million plus folk a year visiting, although thats a double edged sword!
  5. take a shufti at this in terms of comparative rainfall with Tynemouth https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coniston,_Cumbria
  6. JeffC

    Make us laugh

    Just ask Google why Cornflakes were invented...
  7. Directly proportional to the size of the belly button and number of woolly jumpers worn without a t shirt
  8. why does everyone have to get so defensive and annoyed? Roger has evidently put a lot of effort into producing something that may be of real scientific merit and deserves the consideration of anyone interested in climate and weather and above all science as a whole. As far as I know - and I admit I haven't deciphered it at all yet - Roger is NOT saying AGW doesn't exist, he's saying he's spotted something very complicated that may actually have a bearing on things that may influence AGW, either exacerbating or mitigating depending on the phasing of magnetic fields. I don't have any issue with people asking questions to aid understanding but why not park preconceptions before reading and understanding (or at least trying to understand) what Roger has developed as a hypothesis. Just because it may not fit with your own perspective doesn't make it any less or indeed any more valid...
  9. Gonna need some peace and quiet to work through this!
  10. Aye that's fair enough but its not like she's going in a hollowed out log, although the purists wouldn't like that because she'd have to chop down a tree. Similarly a coracle would be out... What I'm saying is there's an irony in using all synthetic / non animal materials as per vegans because it relies increasingly on petrochemical products to suit and boot the populous...
  11. Couldn't agree more, whole country is crackers!
  12. So what you're saying Roger is that the data thus far may either debunk AGW or it may support it? If the warming of the earth is due to solar / solar system influence then the recent warming may be reversible, if not then we need to plan to mitigate. fascinating stuff, would love to see it graphically illustrated fo my poor addled brain to get a better fix on it! could be worth also posting this in the thread below as it's possibly relevant to that as well Cheers Jeff
  13. Call me cynical but I'm curious what the manufacturing carbon footprint was of the boat that Greta Thunberg is crossing the Atlantic on... Composite Hull, cast alloy mast, synthetic fabric sails, all the tech involved...
  14. no disrespect to anyone, but if that's the plan as they say on Dragon's Den, I'm out!
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