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  1. rofl - should have said I was away where it was sunny and warm lol....too quick ha ha x
  2. If u think about it I informed people of 2 weather events (the sun & the warmth) u only posted the temp. Therefore I am more informative than u by 100%......slayed ;-) xxx
  3. Hi L23. Gd here thnks x. The weather doesn't know what it's doing today lol
  4. 2day was perfect weather ☀ï¸â˜€ï¸â˜€ï¸And got a little burnt lol Suspense is killing me lol x
  5. yh a 'banana' pmsl. I'll keep my fingers crossed you'll get some storms tmrw if u like them x I prefer the hot sunny weather so I can tan in the garden
  6. No I put 'near' nr London in my avi...maybe I should change it. Ah u missed out was epic x
  7. So your called lassie but have a cat? Lol your funny. No storms here 2day but yesterday....woooo. Crazy! How bout u? xI'm not in London but South ish fairly close just didn't think ppl wud know my town lol
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