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  1. Felt warm yesterday with a max of 25.8°C and blue skies. Today was cooler, although muggy with a lot more cloud and even a little bit of rain this afternoon. Max of 23.5°C.
  2. Seems the likely upcoming warm settled spell will closely resemble a very similar spell of weather we had this time last year. Often happens this time of year though I have to say.
  3. Well this is all very dramatic and unexpected! Thunder, lightning and torrential rain from an amazing squall line paired with very cool temperatures for the time of year at only 14.5 C
  4. 15.1 mm of rain from yesterday evening and overnight, which is very helpful. Today was much cooler again with a max of 19.5°C and generally murky but mostly dry, still rather humid.
  5. Much more bearable day today, although rather muggy with a max of 25.9 °C. Mostly dry until just before 4 when we had a fairly brief but sharp thunderstorm. Now we are under the area of moderate to heavy rain, which is perfect intensity for soaking the parched gardens.
  6. A little higher max than yesterday at 32.9 °C and very unpleasant! Any storms passed a fair way north of here and no lightning seen or thunder heard. Clear skies overhead currently.
  7. Max of 32.3°C here today - my hottest of the year, and very unpleasant working out in it all day. Very little cloud at all today which seemed to make a lot of difference. Looks to be similar temperatures tomorrow depending on how any storms go.
  8. Quite cloudy today and as such the temperatures were suppressed much like last Friday. A max of 26.5 °C with just a few spots of rain later this afternoon. Cleared up quite a bit after that to leave a sunny evening.
  9. 28.1 °C max here today, so over a couple of degrees down on yesterday - low cloud to start which soon cleared to a mix of high and mid level cloud with plenty of sunny spells.
  10. Very hot today, with a much higher max compared to yesterday of 30.6 °C. Milky skies most of the day with a light breeze. Much too hot for me, but only my second day over 30°C this year, so shouldn't complain too much considering today's climate.
  11. Surprising day as a cloudy and slightly damp afternoon meant today's max was 26.2°C which was well short on what was forecast. Still, a muggy night in store before we see what tomorrow brings.
  12. Cloudy and oppressive even though the temperature isn't that high compared to others at 25.5 °C. Just had a bit of rain, big spots and enough to wet the ground for a while.
  13. A high of 29.9 °C here. A much different feel after the cloud rolled in with a fairly quick drop away from 3:30pm or so.
  14. Beautiful and fresh today, with a gusty westerly breeze. Went for a refreshing run in the rain earlier on and now it's brightened up to a mix of sun and cloud. Currently 16.5 °C. The type of summer day I really enjoy!
  15. Several rumbles to my south. Had a rather heavy shower myself but missing the main storm.
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