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  1. Two similar days for yesterday and today, clear skies with a bit of high cloud. Pleasant warmth with maxes of 21.9 °C and 22.2 °C after quite cool nights before them. A rather typical September benign spell really, and looks to be continuing in some form through next week.
  2. An unremarkable 8.8 mm of rain from yesterday. Cloudy for most of the day today, dark ominous clouds at times too, but stayed dry. Sun came out mid-late afternoon. Max temp of 16.9 °C.
  3. Wow, you've certainly done well your way! A wet day here but we missed the very heavy sections and had mostly moderate rain through the day. A cool max for the time of year at just 14.1 °C
  4. As expected, a chilly night with a low of 4.1 °C. A smattering of cloud around this morning before what looks set to be a mostly sunny, quiet day.
  5. Mostly cloudy today with a few sunny spells, until this evening when it cleared almost completely. Max temp of exactly 18.0 °C. Should be quite a cool one tonight.
  6. Haha not particularly! As a gardener it is very useful rain indeed. I thought being frontal rain the deviation across our region wouldn't be quite as stark this time, but again there seems to be large differences around.
  7. Definitely more rain than I expected last night, totalling exactly 16mm. Today rather cool feeling in a strong breeze, although a respectable max temp of 19.1 °C. 1 heavy shower this morning and then a few brief light ones later on.
  8. Real autumnal feel this morning during an early morning run. A chill to the air, foggy, everything soaking wet. Pleasantly warm later with a max of 20.2 °C with varying cloud.
  9. More comfortable today with a max of 23.8 °C. Rather muggy though with quite a bit of cloud through the day and some light rain late morning/early afternoon.
  10. Well turns out today was well below yesterdays max and actually below Saturdays as well, with a max temp of 26.8 °C. The fog/cloud took until around 11:30 am to clear, delaying the warming of the day. Still felt really really warm though, inside and out.
  11. Foggy. Another very mild night not dropping below 17 °C. Expecting a clearance soon leading to another hot day. May well get close to yesterdays max again.
  12. A very warm last 2 days, with more to come by the looks of it. Today is hotter than yesterday with a max of 29.1 °C compared to 27.5 °C. Last night was warm too so the house is feeling rather hot this afternoon and with no breeze to cool down either!
  13. A cool, dark, wet and windy day. Max temp of 16.7 °C. I know I'll be in the minority but I quite enjoy a summer day like this once in a while! Makes me feel really refreshed, especially going for a run in it this evening. Didn't realise there were any warnings for today, as it turns out I was about a mile outside the zone, haha.
  14. Just had the first very heavy shower of the day, as the showers have suddenly started moving W to E rather than SW to NE which bought the continuous line running to my west and north for much of the day into play. Not so much around now however.
  15. Overall a rather interesting day here. Up to now, today I've had 39.2 mm of rain. My July totals were looking rather low, but today has added a lot more than all the other days combined. Pretty cool too with a max of 18.8 °C, only the 2nd day in July to fail to reach 20 °C . Apart from during the intense rain the winds haven't been as strong as expected however.
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