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  1. A surprise snow shower! Started off as hail then turned to snow and even started settling a little. Turned more sleet now.
  2. Around 5 or so cm here and roads are generally pretty clear, although its still snowing and forecast to do so for a while. Work is only 5 miles north but conditions were awful. Main road completely covered but passable, however then decided to head home after a couple of hours at work due to forecast. Around 15 cm up there due to being that bit further north and its at 200 m asl. Crazy.
  3. Finally pepped up a bit! Took it's sweet time! Everything has a covering at last.
  4. Been stuck in this little pocket of nothingness for ages now. Barely even got a dusting as it's all swirling around us!
  5. A surprising number of very pokey showers later this morning and this afternoon after a damp start. At work we even had a bit of sleetyness on the back end of a particularly torrential shower. Temperatures hovering just under 10 C now, but feeling raw in the gusty winds.
  6. A cold low of 1.2°C which has lead to a slight grass frost, setting us up for a lovely autumn day. This week looks good for getting autumn colour going!
  7. Yes, certainly a chilly day for September. 11°C with moderate rain. Still, it's been a relatively dry and warm month so far, so I don't mind.
  8. A huge amount of rain from that lot! Just went out to look and measured 37.3 mm. It was almost overflowing into the gauge! A few lighter bits of rain around now, but that will probably be most of it for today. Wouldn't be surprised if that lot put the months rainfall above average now.
  9. Quite a damp feel this morning. Seemed to be clearing at around 11:30 with about 5 minutes of sunshine before quickly clouding over again, and that was it. Top temp 22.4C but felt humid through the day.
  10. This mornings front was certainly active! I think it's the first time since April that my waterproofs got a good soaking at work! Got a bit over 18mm in total, at home, which was a lot more than expected.
  11. A fair amount of rain here for yesterday. 7:30am Sat to 7:30am Sun I recorded 15.8mm. a lot came from a deluge between about 6 and 7 this morning. Not looked at all today but we don't seem to have had that much. Mostly drizzly with the odd moderate burst.
  12. Certainly some heavy showers around today. Had a couple of rumbles from the last one too, which was torrential, although fairly brief.
  13. The temperature of the last 4 days has been very similar here. Just nudging above 28C each day, but not quite reaching the values of earlier in the summer. Again, looking forward to the fresher weather. It's just so much easier to work out in all day.
  14. Really enjoy this type of weather. Blustery, a few showers passing through the day, and max temp of 21C. Feels really autumnal, but in my opinion more usable weather than the past week as it was too hot to enjoy! Will see how much rain tomorrow brings.
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