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  1. Squall lines passed through here. Intense rain and a few very strong gusts for around 15 mins. Winds died down a bit now but no clearance as another area of rain is coming up from the SW.
  2. The fog today is being very stubborn to clear here and as such current temp at 3.3 °C. Should see some sun later this afternoon I would expect.
  3. Heard a few rumbles to my north in amongst that line of heavy showers. Always interesting at this time of year!
  4. Managed to dodge pretty much every shower today, and we are just missing that big area of heavy rain that is sliding just north of here. Can hear the wind getting gusty now though.
  5. I'm almost at exactly the same as you! 69.1 mm for me so far this month. Looking at the charts I would say getting another 31 mm is very achievable. Really has been an exceptionally wet prolonged period.
  6. Certainly the lowest minima of the season so far with -3.5 °C achieved with a pretty harsh frost. Cloud now rolling in ahead of the rain.
  7. 22.9 mm of rain from that lot early last night and then a bit of a streamer early this morning. Today pretty cold feeling but plenty of sunshine. We did have a rather brief but sharp hail shower around lunch time as well.
  8. Looking back on October's rainfall here and we had 197.2 mm which is particularly impressive when it's on the back of a very wet September. This takes autumn's rainfall so far to 345.1 mm! Looking pretty wild tomorrow as well and plenty more rain in the forecast.
  9. Clear start, got down to freezing over night before quickly clouding over from the south to leave us with a cold feeling day and a max of just 8.9 °C.
  10. Starting with today it looks like the constant unsettled conditions are ending. I've recorded just 1 dry day in the last 29 on 2nd October, otherwise some form of rain every day! Total for those 29 days was 272.2 mm. Max temp today of 11.1 °C and a chilly feel with a northerly breeze and a lot of cloud after a bit of sun this morning.
  11. Similar here, drains are all bubbling over and our local rivers have over topped their banks. Thankfully they are fairly small and mostly have flood plain areas so it's only the riverside footpaths, benches, bins etc which are underwater this morning. As you say nothing compared to 1000 mm in 48 hours. That's around an average years rainfall here!
  12. The rain warning was definitely not useless here. Real monster showers today with several deluges through the day with lots of rain in a very short period. I travelled home from work through one a short while ago and it was very tricky driving indeed!
  13. Just 0.6 mm from yesterday and overnight. Today is following in the same way so far with shower areas to the north and south. Dry and cloudy here with a fair breeze.
  14. Another 26.7 mm of rain yesterday and overnight last night bringing a total of 62.8 mm in 48 hours. Definitely worse today than forecast as well with rain for much of the day alternating between drizzly, light and moderate with a few brief drier interludes. Max temp 17.1 °C
  15. A very wet second half of yesterday and especially overnight. 36.1 mm from that lot, and then some lively showers through today, with a few periods of sunshine. Gusty winds at times too. The next batch of rain is just about here!
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