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  1. Cracking storm! Really atmospheric light with very frequent thunder and lightning. The wind really got up before the storm hit as well making things feel cool.
  2. Very surprised at the amount here! Much more than expected. About 13cm on a flat surface, although less on the roads. Very pretty this time as it has coated all trees and surfaces thickly making for some lovely scenery.
  3. Definitely ice mixed in with the snow here now, I can hear it on the windows. Seemed to arrive with the heaviest precipitation as we have been under the bright radar echos for the last 30 mins.
  4. Surprisingly no rain at all yesterday afternoon or overnight. It all stayed further south and east. A few flashes and distant rumbles overnight was all I got. Can't complain however after the surprise storms on Tuesday!
  5. Some absolutely amazing CG lightning currently! Touching down about a mile west of me.
  6. Interesting. Absolutely no sun here at all today. Bits and pieces of drizzle throughout the day,exactly as forecast. Certainly very muggy feeling though.
  7. Spectacular storm! Overhead thunder and lightning and absolutely torrential rain, so heavy that the sun lounge is leaking in a number of places. Gusty winds as the main core passed through as well.
  8. Just caught under a small shower which has developed over me. Its producing some very large raindrops. Some heavier ones to my south and west as well.
  9. Hit by an intense downpour earlier this afternoon, and currently another is passing over. Before that rain and drizzle on and off through the late morning/early afternoon. Will all add a bit to an otherwise dry month.
  10. Just talked to my dad who lives in Shaftesbury about 4 miles SE of me and he measured 41.8 mm of rain today! All in the space of about 3 hours between 2pm - 5pm. He obviously got stuck under the main convergence line that moved through this afternoon.
  11. Frequent rumblings away to the west. Missed the downpours so far today. Just had a couple of brief light showers.
  12. absolutely brilliant storm passed through between 6pm and 7pm. Overhead lightning and thunder, absolutely torrential rain and of course I got caught out in it!
  13. Yep. Have had some thunder on and off for past hour or so here along with some very heavy rain. Throughout today it has been pretty wet with frequent showers. Got thoroughly soaked as I work outdoors! Starting to brighten up now. Spoke to soon. More storms passing just to my south. Got a great view of a few strikes a couple of miles to my south. Been 2 or so years since I've had storms here so it's about time!
  14. Had a very nice heavy snow shower today at 1.00 pm. Proper big flakes and lasted about 30 minutes. Sadly none of it settled but at least I have now actually seen some snow falling this winter.
  15. Just had a couple of unexpected rumbles of thunder to my NE as an area of heavy rain moves through.