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  1. Just getting started in the fens. Drifting in a strong wind. The wash doing its usual thing.
  2. On the combine tonight and something is brewing in front of me here in Stamford looking west
  3. I think we are in the sweet spot today. I'm supposed to be on Rutland water later. Could be interesting
  4. Spalding just got mullered by a impressive storm. Constant thunder. Developed overhead.
  5. Sun gone, Gone very close and clouds going up and getting dark. Looking good. The flat fens can be a great place for viewing.
  6. Looking good for my area. Hoping for no hail though as got 400 acres of oilseed rape that will get destroyed if it hail. And I didn't take out hail insurance this year
  7. Got spalding power station cooling towers 5 miles to my East. The Bourne hills are 8 miles to my West with nothing in between. Nearest neighbours 1/2 mile away and they are my parents!
  8. The fens might be boring but from my farm I can see for miles in all directions. Going to be a great night. We look right in the firing line. Camera on charge!
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